Love Trouble (1D Not Famous)

Destiny Flores is the princess of a small little kingdom in near London. She is a sophisticated 18 year old girl who forced her parents to let her go to a public school. But what if her BFF from the past comes back for her and that she learns that she was engaged to a different boy from birth? And what if her fiancé's two other triplet brothers fall for Destiny, too?


3. Chapter Three!

(Destiny's POV)

        I woke up with a huge pain in my neck and quickly noticed that I wasn't in my room. The walls were painted purple and everything in the room was really neat and organized. Looking down, I saw that I was wearing a grey over sized shirt. With that fact, I yelped in horror. Who changed me?! Was I kidnapped by someone?! Where am I?!

        I hurriedly got out of the king sized bed and rushed to my school uniform that was hanging on the bedroom door. Quickly and quietly changing into my clothes, I sneakily tip-toed my way out of the room with all my things. I saw a long hallway ahead of me and gulped in fright. Am I in some kind of haunted mansion or something? Then, I suddenly felt someone's hand on my shoulder.

        "Aaahhh!" I screamed in pure horror. I jumped and turned around to see who it was, having my pepper spray in my hand in case I was being attacked. But I was surprised to see that it was Liam. But honestly, I was relieved to see someone I at least knew as a person.

        "Liam?! Where am I?!" I threw all kind of questions at him until Liam chuckled again, scaring the living jellybeans out of me a bit.

        "You really don't remember do you, Destiny?" Liam suddenly asked, backing me up towards the wall. I blushed as I felt his lips brush against my ear.

        "R-Remember what?" I asked, sounding a bit frightened due to the fact that I did not feel comfortable like this and my legs felt like jelly. Liam let me go and I dropped to the floor. Then he showed me his phone and there was a picture of me smiling. 

        "What?" I asked, I staring at the picture. Then, my eyes widened. "You were that boy who I met back in London!"

        Liam smiled. "Yay! You finally remember!"

        I blushed and all those memories flooded back to me. I used to be friends with Liam in London and he protected me from anything. We were the best of friends, but my family and I moved away to somewhere else. Luckily, it wasn't that far from London. But I haven't seen Liam for 5 years. He's changed so much. I once let him meet my parents, but they told me to never see him ever again as soon as they told him to leave. And that's basically why we had moved somewhere else.

        What's so bad about Liam? I have no clue. He's a nice friend to me. He protected me from the bullies who always used to pick on me and tease me, making me feel bad by saying that I'm a greedy little girl who doesn't care for anyone but money. Which, of course, was completely far from the truth. I cried when my goldfish died. Liam came back to me with some blueberry pancakes and I gobbled it down really fast.

        "If your mother saw you eating like that, she'd kill you," Liam stated with wide and amused eyes I laughed and at the last piece of the pancake tower.

        "Yup! So I'm gonna eat like this whenever I'm here!" I said, hoping he would accept the fact that I may or may not be visiting here often now. Liam laughed and I smiled. It was so good to see Liam again. When I get home, I need to ask my parents about why I shouldn't hang out with Liam. I just don't understand them. Then, I suddenly remembered about the pain in my neck from earlier.

        "Hey Liam? I need to ask you something."

        Liam looked at me with concern. "What is it, Destiny?"

        I breathed in and sighed. "Earlier, behind the cafeteria at school, you were gonna say something to me, right?"

        Liam nodded. "Yeah. I was gonna say "duck" but I was too late. These guys were hiding behind the bushes holding tubes or whatever they were holding full of needles that were filled with something that made you fall asleep. You were asleep for one or two days at the most."

        I stared at him with shock. "So, what I'm hearing is that these guys did that on purpose?"

        Liam shook his head. "Ugh. Never mind. I just know that they were pretty suspicious."

        I sighed and rubbed my neck. "It still hurts though."

        Liam checked something on his phone and looked at me. "Well, you'll need to rest that for at least one more day. Make sure you don't touch or turn your neck too much."

        I curved a smile, showing him that I understand. Well, now I got two things stuck in my head. Why my parents don't like Liam and why someone would seriously do this to me. 

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