Love Trouble (1D Not Famous)

Destiny Flores is the princess of a small little kingdom in near London. She is a sophisticated 18 year old girl who forced her parents to let her go to a public school. But what if her BFF from the past comes back for her and that she learns that she was engaged to a different boy from birth? And what if her fiancé's two other triplet brothers fall for Destiny, too?


10. Chapter Ten!

Destiny's POV

Oh gosh. I saw Liam and Harry talking to each other in the hallways and I hid behind Marcel. We were walking to our last class. "Um...Destiny? You okay?" Marcel tried to turn around, but I pushed him back in front of me. "Shhh! Shut up, Marc! I don't want to see Liam or Harry today!" I felt Marcel shrug and I sighed in relief as they both walked past us. "Whew. Sorry about that Marcel." Marcel pushed his glasses back on top of his nose and smiled. "It's okay. I guess that it's about being Harry's fiancé, huh?" I nodded sadly as we entered our last class of the day. "Why? Do you like Liam?" I nodded and looked down. Marcel whistled and I looked at him straight in the eye. "Ya know what? Harry and Liam are best friends. How are you going to explain this to them?" I felt tears form in my eyes. I shook my head and started to whimper in Marcel's shirt. I knew that Marcel knew why I was crying and he patted my head. "There, there. Cheer up Destiny." Class started to begin and I drew sad faces in my notebook the whole time.

Marcel's POV

Class ended and Destiny didn't want to ride with neither Liam and Harry. She tugged on my shirt and grabbed hold of it. "Destiny. Your the princess and I'm a nerd. Maybe you shouldn't-" She cut me off by placing a finger on my lips telling me to be quiet. "Just...leave me to be, Marc. I'm not feeling good today." She went in my car and we drove to my house. Then I saw Edward. "Hey Edward." I waved at him and he smirked. "Hey little bro. Who's the girl?" I saw him checking Destiny out from the kitchen as she sat on the couch and I sighed. "She's Destiny Flores. Harry's fiancé?" Edward smirked. Yup. We were triplets, actually. Edward just doesn't go to school that much. "Well, Harry is one lucky guy." I chuckled as Edward said hi to Destiny. "Woah. So you guys are triplets?" Edward and I nodded and laughed at her reaction. Harry truly is a lucky guy. Too bad she's in a love triangle. She smiled at me again and I stiffened up. Make that a love square. Yup. I think I might like her.

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