Love Trouble (1D Not Famous)

Destiny Flores is the princess of a small little kingdom in near London. She is a sophisticated 18 year old girl who forced her parents to let her go to a public school. But what if her BFF from the past comes back for her and that she learns that she was engaged to a different boy from birth? And what if her fiancé's two other triplet brothers fall for Destiny, too?


6. Chapter Six!

Destiny's POV

I flushed bright pink as Liam placed his lips over mines, making me forget about who or why a person would make me asleep for 2 days. The kiss was passionate and his lips were warm. Then Liam pulled away quickly and I stared at him. I felt myself burn up and I placed my face in my hands, trying to cover face. My jet black hair fell over my face and I was still really red. Then Liam brushed my hair behind my ear, letting me face him by lifting my chin up. I stared into his brown eyes and I felt myself heat up again. Liam was looking down at me and I couldn't help but wrap my arms around his neck, and kiss him again. I caught glimpse of his eyes becoming wide, but I didn't care. I wanted to show Liam that I loved him and that I would do anything to be with him even if I was engaged to some random guy who I don't know. He placed his hands on my waist and I curved my lips. We pulled away for breath and I blushed bright pink again. "Wow. That" I giggled at Liam's reaction and saw him turn red. The moonlight shining behind him was beautiful. "Well, Liam, I have always had a crush on you and...I didn't want to ruin our friendship back then." I looked at Liam and he was bright red. "Um...I've had a crush on you ever since we met too, Destiny." Then Liam walked up to me and lifted my chin, letting me stare into his brown eyes that glistened in the dark. "But I guess that all these years, I was in love with you and I didn't even know it." I smiled and it started to rain again. "Aaahh! I'll get soaked again!" We both ran inside laughing and I let my wet hair stick to my face. I didn't care how I looked just then. I just know that Liam loves me and I love him back. Then I remembered about the engagement. 'Oh no.'

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