Love Trouble (1D Not Famous)

Destiny Flores is the princess of a small little kingdom in near London. She is a sophisticated 18 year old girl who forced her parents to let her go to a public school. But what if her BFF from the past comes back for her and that she learns that she was engaged to a different boy from birth? And what if her fiancé's two other triplet brothers fall for Destiny, too?


5. Chapter Five!

Liam's POV

I kept glancing at Destiny every five minutes on the way to my house. She was looking down at the ground with her long jet black hair covering her face. I brushed her hair behind her ear and her bright pink cheeks were covered with tear streaks. She was soaked from head to toe and she laid still with my coat covering her. She was playing with her hands. I caught glimpse of the friendship bracelet that I  gave to her when we were little kids. I've always had a crush on her, but I never told her because I didn't want to ruin our friendship. Destiny looked at me with her watery brown eyes. "Destiny? What happened?" Destiny started to cry and I parked in the driveway. Then I panicked. "Oh! I didn't mean to make you cry Destiny!" She wiped her tears and shook her head. "It's okay Liam. It's not your fault anyway." I heard her phone ring and she answered it with a sigh. "Hello father." She winced as I heard her dad yelling. "No father. I'm not." I heard yelling again and I saw Destiny become mad. "No! I'm never gonna do it! I don't even know who he is, dad! You expect me to just marry him even if I don't know him?!" I watched her. So she was engaged at birth, huh? I guess that means I could never tell her how I feel anymore. It would crush her, especially if she falls for this mysterious guy. She hung up and groaned. "I don't EVER wanna go home." Her black hair was still soaked. I grabbed a pink towel from the back of the car and threw it over her head, surprising her. "Wha-?" She struggled from under the towel and finally popped her head out. Her hair was messy and she blew some of her hair out of her face. "Gee. Thanks Liam. How thoughtful of you." I chuckled at the sarcasm in her voice and ruffled her hair, making it become even more messy than before. "Your welcome princess of sarcasm!" Destiny glared at me and I just laughed. Her jet black eyes glared at me, burning into my heart. It was cute when she was angry with me. And jet black eyes are really rare, especially in the United Kingdom. It was still raining so we stayed in the car a little longer. I felt Destiny lay her head on my shoulder and I turned towards her. Her hair smelled like roses. Destiny looked up at me, letting me stare into her glistening black eyes. She flushed bright pink and I felt myself heat up. The rain stopped and I quickly got out of the car, trying to cool myself down. 'Okay. Breathe Liam...breathe. Destiny is just your friend. Besides, she's engaged and she probably doesn't feel the same way about me.' I turned to see Destiny playing with her fingers again, making me heat up again. Then, I couldn't help it but placed my lips over hers. Her lips were warm and they tasted like cherries. I pulled away quickly, looking at her bright pink face. 'Great job, Liam. She probably hates you now.'

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