The Fate I chose

I ran with all my strength, thinking I finally lost them. I started to get my breathing under control and suddenly everything went black. My name is Angel I'm 17 years old a junior at Eagles High in Florida. I was just a girl who loved to go shopping, hanging out with friends, and crushing on the most popular kid at my school. Derek, he is super cute. My life was great I was enjoying my teenage years and I was on my way to getting a scholarship. Until the "New Kids" showed up and I discovered their secret...I'll never forget that day.
I can't. I won't. It was the day that changed my life completely... *credit to MissQuirky for the cover


1. sorry guys...

 hey guys so i know i haven't updated in a year....

wow it's been a year already (WOW) anyway...

so this book is finally gonna start so i hope you like it

comment, favorite, like. c:

and also @wandering soul @queen of darkness

and someone else if they accept

I will let you know and if they don't accept then

I'll make a competiotion to see who'll join the story <3

thank you so much for your patience

with me for not updating in so long,

but that's in the past now...

let's get this story started (:



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