They Think He' Wierd

I'm one of those silly girls who go looking for love instead of letting it find me. I live a rough life but to explain it in a couple of word it would be pain in a bottle. Do you know what happens when you sake up a bottle ?? Everything Spills...


1. His Gaze

Let's just sau life coulf be better.... Chased to the bathrooms again why can't they just leave me alone I don't understand what i have done.? Caught up in my thoughts I felt someone grab my hait andi was dragged to the court yard where somone put me on my feet and a huge crowd started to form everytome i'd try to leave somone pushed me back into the center of the circle where brook stood. She punched me making my head hit the pavement . " you bitch stop hiding and fight me " i tried to get back up but kicked in my tummy making me fall again " why are you doing this to me " "Ladies" woth that i felt tons of hands and fists hittung me " hey whr are you doing ?" I could hear a faint voice and foot step getting louder "are you okay?" It was john my only frien"John" " sierra !! Sierra " i heard a beeping sound " she's responding get her to her room for check up " I woke up and looked to my left there was a boy there i had so many thoughts running throigh my life "hey whats your name " "erm yeah its sierra " our gaze locked immadiately i couldn't help but feel his hand on mine we were inturupted " he hem and i can see youguys are busy i shoukd go" "john no ,,, i,,,,.john
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