Hi, Im Charlotte Wesley, I'm a normal teenage girl. 13 to be exact. I have hazel eyes and matching hair. My dad was a professional basketball player and my mom is a house wife. No one gets me, my style, my ways, I am....... misunderstood. I can't wait to go back to school to show all my old and new classmates that well I have changed. Im a different girl and new eighth-grader, model, singer, actor. Im all that. I go through normal teenage things. Periods, boys, bullies, school, friends and she sometimes gets overwhelmed. My life is complicated...... I have had crushes and best friends. I felt like this year would be different than last year. Last year I was a new girl, I blushed at guys that thought I was cute, I fell uncontrollably in love with one guy, made some best friends and some enemies. This year I'm gonna be on top. My crush is gonna fall for me. Everyone is gonna wanna be my friend. This year is gonna be different. I don't know how it's gonna be different but it is, some how.


1. The academy

Tomorrow was finally Saturday! Gah! I can't believe it! What's Tomorrow you ask? Tomorrow I was going to start singing and dancing and modeling classes! I can't believe the day was finally here waiting for like two weeks! Oh God! *Mental face slap* What am I going to wear?! Hey teenager, I stress over stupid things, sew me. I have never been to the academy (where I'm going out to take classes) what the dress code? What I underdress? Or overdress? What am I doing with my 'mop' (hair). Should I wear make up? No makeup? I don't know. Ugh! Why can't I figure this out! Ooo I know, I'll wear my mom white sweater that has a pocket in the front. Yes a sweater in the summer! Don't judge me okay, I'm nervous! With my high-waisted shorts, messy bun, light make up and my brown ballet shoes! BAM AND POW! Yep, that's all I got. I went downstairs to the kitchen, "Hey mom, can I wear your white sweater with the pocket in the front?" I asked full of hope. "It's summer Charlotte." She said. Here we go with the judging! "I know" I replied. I was werid like that, I wore long sleeves in the summer and tank tops in the winter. Don't ask me why because I honestly don't know. My mom always thought there was something seriously wrong with me. "Maybe Charlotte, it's was a very expensive sweater and its white. I'll think about it." She said stressing the words white and think. Sure maybe I do spill everything on me, but she shouldn't deprive me cute clothing! Why did Parents always say 'I'll think about it" when we all know they forget to think and have the same answer the next day. Its always get on my nerves when she say that. "What do you have to think about it's a piece of clothing?" I said underneath my breath. "What?" She asked. "Nothing, g'night." I said. I stop at my parents room to give my dad a kiss and I went upstairs. I found all the items for my outfit, the only thing missing was missing was that sweater. I had to have it! I look in the mirror and realize my face was clear or clear than it was. My mom said that if I didn't get my acne in control, she wouldn't take me near the academy. Finally I got it together and stayed consistent with my face, using mask washes, treatments and my mom popping my God damn pimples all the time. I know your not suppose to pop pimples. Try telling her that! Seriously, tell her that, because I have tried everyday if my life and it never, ever, ever gets better. EVER!


Beep beep beep!
I woke up too the sound of my alarm clock, 7:30. "Ugh! Shut up you little shit!" I whisper yelled at the damn alarm clock. I shut it up and realize what day it was, modeling, singing and acting, O my gosh! I know you may think that was bipolar but it wasn't, I'm just not a morning person. I went to the bathroom, careful not to wake my sister. I washed up in the shower because no one needs to smell my body odor. I folded the towel around my body and headed for my clothes. My mom told me I could wear the sweater but when I put it on, it wasn't me this morning. I put on a white button up with a sparkly collar. I love this top. I put on some mascara and let my hair dry out in it's crazy afro, i mean after all I was part African American and I was born with this crazy afro. I almost got my bedroom door when my mom stop me at the door and told me to go change into something white and black she handed me. Really? I white plain top with some black shorts. Was I going to church? I put it on and it was hideous on me. No way was I wearing that. "Charlotte, lets go!" My mom shouted from down stairs. I put on something different, I couldn't know where what my mom had picked. I put on some black shorts with white polkadots and my favorite white lace flowy shirt.
It was perfect. I ran down the stairs because my mom is calling me and got in the truck, this is gonna be amazing.

I made my way out of the car and into the very large building I walked up to the counter with my mom beside me."Hi, I'm Shannon, I'm here to see Ashley, this is my daughter Charlotte." my mom said to the lady behind the counter. "Hi Shannon, you can take this sheet and update tour information. When I was four years old I did commercials for this company and Ashley knew me and my mom personally. She was gonna help me figure out what classes i want to take and help me find an agent. I took a seat on the bench and I got on Instagram. I was looking at my phone when I heard a yell. "Shannon! O my goodness! How are you?" A lady squealed and I assumed that was Ashley because I don't remember her . I move so much because of my dads job that I don't remember a lot of people. "Charlotte! Your so big!" She said. What, was I fat? Hahaha I'm just kidding. "You look like a mini Rhinnah!" She said. People say I look like Rhinnah but I don't see it. We looked at classes and went over schedules and things that my mom would have to go over when we got home. "Charlotte, you can attend a class today. It's there last week but you can at least watch and get a feel for it. "Okay" I said and smile. I was still excited. "It starts in a couple minutes." She said and thats when my nerves started to build and my heart was beating out of my chest. My mom and sister went to the car and I stayed in the lobby and waited for the class to begin. Finally it hit 12:00 and everyone that attend that class, started to enter. I hesitated as the nerves builded. These people have been in the same class for 5 weeks and they know each and I'm gonna be the new kid and......maybe I shouldn't go. No Char, you have to go. Now I'm taking to myself, great. I entered the classroom. "Hi, I'm..Charlotte. I'm going to just observe you class today." I said nervously. "Ok Charlotte, I'm Billy, the instructor and you can take a seat. We are about to begin." He told me. There was a line of chairs on the wall and each one was filled with a student. There were two chairs left, so I sat on the end so I didn't have to sit right next to a boy. The boy was slouching in his seat. He was tall and he brown scruffy hair and a lot of acne. "Hi! I love your hair, can I touch it?" one girl said breaking me for my thoughts. What kinda of question? "Su..re." I said. She ran her fingers through my afro. "Beautiful!" She said. "What's your name?" She asked. I guess this is her idea of being social. "Charlotte." I said. "Cute" was all she she said before stalking back to her chair to join the other girls. The class was long. Mr.Billy was talking about how to present yourself at an audition when I rather tall boy entered the room. "Sorry I'm late" he said as he made his way to the chair next to mine and sat in it with no hesitation. Did I give you permission to sit next to me? I was trying to distance myself for everyone. In his defense, it was the only chair left. I was uncomfortable at the closeness of the chairs. My shoulder was touching his. I answered a few questions and he nudged my shoulder and complimented my with a 'good job'. "Let's start with warm-ups. You come up here and do an act of a Disney charter and we have to guess" billy said. They all went up voluntarily and acted out Disney characters. "Charlotte, why don't you come up here and do one." Billy said and her heart exploded out of my chest. There goes my plan to hi unnoticed. "Ok" I said getting up. I stood while all the eyes watched my as I was trying to pick a character. I would have done Snow White but someone already took it. I decided to do Cinderella. I slipped
off my shoe and ran. Cinderella's came from the students and I took my seat. It was time for everyone to read there monologues and the boy next to me was first. His monologue was stunning. He had a dramatic one and he did it really well. I had a new respect for him as he took his seat. Class went on and I had taken notes on the things Mr.Billy said was important. The class was finally over and I went outside to fined my moms truck. I could do this, this is gonna be fun, I told myself. I can't wait to take a 5 week class and actually start the first day. This is gonna be easy.

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