Hi, Im Charlotte Wesley, I'm a normal teenage girl. 13 to be exact. I have hazel eyes and matching hair. My dad was a professional basketball player and my mom is a house wife. No one gets me, my style, my ways, I am....... misunderstood. I can't wait to go back to school to show all my old and new classmates that well I have changed. Im a different girl and new eighth-grader, model, singer, actor. Im all that. I go through normal teenage things. Periods, boys, bullies, school, friends and she sometimes gets overwhelmed. My life is complicated...... I have had crushes and best friends. I felt like this year would be different than last year. Last year I was a new girl, I blushed at guys that thought I was cute, I fell uncontrollably in love with one guy, made some best friends and some enemies. This year I'm gonna be on top. My crush is gonna fall for me. Everyone is gonna wanna be my friend. This year is gonna be different. I don't know how it's gonna be different but it is, some how.


2. Glasses

We exited the car and I strolled into Walmart with my family walking behind. Getting glasses wouldn't be so bad, I mean, it's basically my style. I like nerd glasses and bow ties. I know I need glasses without a doubt. I can't see far away because it is so fuzzy. I normally wear fake glasses sometimes.   We walked in the Walmart eye section. Eye section? Sorry, I don't know what to call it. I'm going to see the eye doctor? Sound better? Good. My mom signed my sister and I in, while we looked at different lenses. I already knew which ones I was getting. The nerd glasses. I loved them so much and have a fake pair. I saw some different types until I found the, ones. Yes, the one and only. They were black on the outside and red on the inside. Not to brag, but I look good in red, I look good in these glasses. "Charlotte Wesley ?" My name was called breaking me out if my admiration thoughts about the glasses. I walked over to I assumed was the doctor. Me, always assuming things. I went into the office and sat in the big chair where all of the equipment was. She put the big machine to my eyes and made me read the letters from far away. I read to her the letters clearly. Then she took the big machine off my eyes and made me read it to her. I couldn't see a thing. Like at all. Zupperoni. I tired to read but I knew I got must of them wrong. I tired to make the letters out as best as I could. "Ok Charlotte, you definitely need glasses. Why don't you go pick some out." The doctor said. Told ya I need glasses you butt. "O, I already pick some out." I said handing her the pair of glasses. "Ok, you can go and we will order the glasses to fit you, ok?" she took the glasses from my hand. "When will get be here?" I asked. "Friday" she answered. Friday?!?! My school starts on Thursday! Ugh. "Ok" I said waking out of the office. I was really disappointed. I wanted my glasses, now. Ugh!

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