The secret I keep

this is a story about a girl who has a secret the world cant know about...she's a Halfling half-demon half-angel, I bet your thinking what the..? Aren't they like enemies or something well yes the are but you cant chose who you love now can you? opposites attract perfectly describes this situation. The girls name is phoenix and she's 17 years old. She has been hiding all her life in the human realm her parents thought it was safer there than in the otherworldly realm where they are currently king and queen but how you ask well her dad is king over demons and her mother queen over angels like I said opposites attract. ah yes forgot to mention two things she a princess (which I'm guessing you probably figured that out) and she was sent to the earth realm because she's in terrible danger but that shouldn't be a problem when you have your protector with you but what if the protector is missing...what if he never showed up when came with to see what happens. You won't regret it!!


1. The begining "past"


    Phoenix's POV (at age 12)


    No but please mother I don't want to go, please let me stay here I promise to help and obey...please let me stay. Here I am standing shaking in fear because I'm about to be shipped off to another realm. In front of me is a huge portal. I don't want to go to the human realm I don't want to go they're monsters and evil ugly creatures. Please mother don't send me there I don't want to go alone with just gab with me at least come with me please! What about father where is he? Mommy please I'm scared...don't send me there please.


   Alondra POV (Phoenix's mother)


   Oh darling...your father is fighting off the soldiers outside the temple so that I could send you to the human realm. Honey we're doing this to protect's for you're own good. I promise we'll come get you on you're 16th birthday but, for now you have got to leave to the human realm. Remember we love you and want to keep you safe at all costs. Don't ever think that we don't care about you...this is why we have to do this. It breaks our heart to see you go but if we don't do this the council will find a way to make you theirs. We have to do this not because we want to but because it's the only way to save your life...yourself. Hurry we don't have much time your father won't be able to hold them off much longer you need to go. Just don't forget us okay...please don't forget us Phoenix you will be safe okay we're sending your protector Gabriel he will protect you with his life you can trust him. I love you don't worry we will see each other again. Gabriel protect her until you're last breath, am I understood?


   Phoenix's POV


   Gab just nods and bows slightly. Just as I'm about to hug my mother farewell the door busts down and soldiers stand in the doorway. My mother pushes me into the portal with Gab right by me, but not before I see a soldier pierce her with a dagger. I cant help it and scream with so much anger and fury that suddenly I see a bright light and everything goes black.

When I wake up it's dark and Gabriel is nowhere to be seen it's quiet and makes me uncomfortable. I have a raging headache and can't see gab anywhere. I think I might of done something when I screamed and transported us to different destinations and caused separation. I hope he's okay and hopefully alive. mother was just murdered and my father...I don't know about my father. Dead to or captured? I'm alone in another realm with no one to help me.

I wipe my tears away with ease, I have to become strong and not be weak. From this moment I decided to make my heart cold and turn of my emotions. Just as I stood up I felt like I was being watched. I froze...smelling the air. Vampires hmm...interesting. "What do you want?" I whispered into the night. Suddenly 3 bloodsuckers stood in front of me all looking very confused then one of them started circling me. " don't smell human." it smirked. "no shit Sherlock." I sassed back. I stared at them and they stared back at me. Two guys one girl...they looked perfect, comes with being a vamp. I studied them closely they looked around 17 years old in human years in vamp I wasn't sure. The girl had fiery red hair that went with her red eyes, pale skin, skinny yet curvy body and was wearing a black crop top combined with jean shorts and black ballet flats. ( yes I studied the human world since I was born) The guys were both wearing white toms, a white see through t-shirt with black skinny jeans. They looked alike twins maybe...but while one had jet black hair and the other had blond. Of course both with red eyes and showing their fangs. I wasn't scared I could take them with a snap of my fingers. "why can't we read your mind?" the girl said. I sighed because I'm more powerful than all of you combined. They looked at me with shocked expressions. "what do you mean?" the blondie said. "Well don't you know what I am or do I have to tell you." I said harshly as I started to get pissed. The redhead looked at me then sniffed the air and suddenly tensed "wait a smell like a (she sniffed again) it can't be...a demon? I stood their smirking "correcto." The blondie tensed then said "wait you're a demon...then why are you here?" I lost my smirk right then and crumpled to the ground not crying just staring off into space. The jet black haired guy who had not uttered a word suddenly was by me sitting down and looking at me. "Are you okay?" he whispered. I sighed and stood up I'm fine I held out my hand to him he took it and said "My name's Alex that's Amber and that's my twin Jake and we're vampires. I smiled and said

"My name is Phoenix I'm a Halfling half demon half angel, nice to meet you."

Right then we became friends...well family, the only one I've got left.



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