My Friend Marcel

Annie's dad has moved around a lot, and she has never been really able to make many friends. Finally her dad gets a steady job in a tiny town outside Cheshire, named Holmes Chapel. When Annie starts a new school year at Holmes Chapel Public High School, she meets a nerdy boy named Marcel Styles. As she gets to know him better, she realizes that he's not the geek everyone thinks he is. Annie gets Marcel to open up and become himself, and they become fast friends. But soon, Marcel finds himself falling for his friend...what will happen when her biggest secret is revealed? Will Marcel still like her? Or will this secret tear Annie and him apart...forever?


7. Parents come in at the worst times...

“Um, Annie? Am I interrupting something?” I jerked away from Harry, my face as red as a tomato.

“Dad!” I squeaked. “I thought you had some work stuff to take care of!”

“I came home early, because I thought I would surprise you.” My dad glanced at Harry, whose face was blood red. “Surprise.”

“Ahaha! Ahem. Um. Dad, this is Harry Styles, from school.”

“Nice to meet you, sir.” Harry stuck his hand out. My father shook it, looking at him warily.

“I thought some guy named Marcel was coming over today.”

“This is Marcel, Dad. I call him Harry, cuz his middle name is Harold…Yeah, it’s a long story.” I babbled. Dad looked at me, then at Harry, then at me.

“The house looks nice and clean.” He said, changing the subject.

“Yeah, Danny made a little bit of a mess today, so me and Mar—Harry cleaned it up.”

“Oh.” Dad looked Harry up and down again. “Well, then. Did you get your schoolwork done?”

“Yup. Harry was helping with math. He’s a good tutor.”

“I’m sure.” He gave me a look, and I nearly died. Harry cleared his throat.

“We finished, so we were playing B.S. up here.”

“Okay.” Dad looked at me one last time. “Well, then. If you want, you can go bowling now…I’m home for the rest of the day.”

“Really?! Thanks, Dad, we’ll be back by eight, bye!” I grabbed Harry’s hand and dragged him out of my room, down the stairs and out the door. As it closed behind us, Harry took the lead and pulled me to his little ’99 Chevy Cavalier. I jumped into the passenger’s side, and he hurried to the driver’s seat. We looked at each other in silence. Harry was the first one to start laughing. I soon joined in, and we laughed until our sides hurt. “The look…on his face…” I gasped.

“Oh, my gosh…” Harry panted. “That was really bad, but really funny at the same time.”

“Wow…I thought he wasn’t going to come home for like…three more hours!” I said, laughing.

“That was awkward.” Harry said. He started the car. “Hey, do you wanna bowl with the guys?”

“Sure!” I said. He quickly sent off a text, then handed me his phone.

“Here wait for some responses.” He said. In about three seconds, there was a reply.

From: Liam Payne
Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss, just let me tell my mum. :) Can’t wait to meet this girl you’ve been raving about…
I read it out loud, laughing, and Harry blushed. His phone vibrated again, and I looked down.

From: Niall Horan
I’m in! Can we stop at Nando’s after?  :) Please?
I read this out loud, and Harry sighed. “Tell him fine.”

From: Louis Tomlinson
BOWLING! I LOVE BOWLING! :) :) :) :) XD I’ll be there in ten! :)

From: Zayn Malik
Vas Happenin’?!? Bowling? Count me in! :D see you there!


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