My Friend Marcel

Annie's dad has moved around a lot, and she has never been really able to make many friends. Finally her dad gets a steady job in a tiny town outside Cheshire, named Holmes Chapel. When Annie starts a new school year at Holmes Chapel Public High School, she meets a nerdy boy named Marcel Styles. As she gets to know him better, she realizes that he's not the geek everyone thinks he is. Annie gets Marcel to open up and become himself, and they become fast friends. But soon, Marcel finds himself falling for his friend...what will happen when her biggest secret is revealed? Will Marcel still like her? Or will this secret tear Annie and him apart...forever?




I'm also writing a 1D Imagine story. If you want me to write an imagine about you, all you have to do is comment...

1. your name
2. your nicknames
3. what boy you want
4. what scenario you want
5. your age
and any other facts I may need to know about you, such as your favorite hobbies, what you look like, favorite food, etc.

Thanks so much you guys!

And thanks so much for reading "My Friend Marcel"! :) I love you all!

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