My Friend Marcel

Annie's dad has moved around a lot, and she has never been really able to make many friends. Finally her dad gets a steady job in a tiny town outside Cheshire, named Holmes Chapel. When Annie starts a new school year at Holmes Chapel Public High School, she meets a nerdy boy named Marcel Styles. As she gets to know him better, she realizes that he's not the geek everyone thinks he is. Annie gets Marcel to open up and become himself, and they become fast friends. But soon, Marcel finds himself falling for his friend...what will happen when her biggest secret is revealed? Will Marcel still like her? Or will this secret tear Annie and him apart...forever?


5. Marcel is actually kinda...cute :0

The next day, I woke up and was greeted with Cheerios being stuffed into my face. I groaned. “Danny…”

“I made breakfast!” He giggled. I sighed. Danny making breakfast means a big mess that I get to clean up. I sighed again and glanced at my clock. 9:00. I jolted up.

“Danny! Start cleaning! Now!” I barked. Danny yelped and jumped away from me. I jumped out of bed and started running around my room. “I have a friend coming over at 9:30! This house needs to be sparkling! Do you hear me, Danny?”

“Yes, ma’am!” He saluted me and ran out of the room. I started shoving things into drawers and closets, then raced into the bathroom. I pushed everything into their baskets under the sink, and quickly cleaned the sink. I glanced at the clock. 9:15. Crud, crud, CRUD!  I ran into the kitchen and stopped in my tracks. Danny had opened every drawer, cabinet, and door in the kitchen. Everything was out of place. I sighed, and dialed Marcel on my phone.

“Hello?” he answered.

“Hey, Marcel, it’s Annie…” I said, pulling Danny out of the room and setting him in front of the TV. I switched on a Spongebob Squarepants, and he giggled as he watched. I walked back into the kitchen and sighed. “My little brother kind of terrorized the house, so I’m gonna have to clean it up.”

“Okay. I’ll help you!” Marcel hung up without another word. I stared at my phone. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I walked toward it, and opened it. My mouth dropped. Marcel had…changed. He now wore dark blue jeans and a white tee-shirt. His hair was not slicked back anymore—instead, it was free and curly. Really curly. He wasn’t even wearing his glasses anymore, and his eyes shone a brilliant green. He grinned at me. “Hey, there. Like my ‘comfortable’ look, Elmo?” He asked. I was confused, then I looked down. My heart dropped in horror as I realized I hadn’t changed out of my retro Elmo pajamas. I squealed and slammed the door; then I groaned and knocked my head against the door as I realized what I did. I’m an idiot… I opened it a crack. Marcel grinned at me. “Go change, Elmo, I’ll wait.” He teased. I gave him a scowl, then opened the door.

“Can you…like wait here?” I asked. He nodded, and I quickly ran upstairs to my room and slammed the door. I quickly found a black shirt and some light blue skinny jeans. ( for the pants, for the shirt) I brushed through my hair quickly, and stuffed it into a ponytail. Of course, my hair picked today not to cooperate. I groaned and sighed. Oh, well…  I opened my door and hurried downstairs.  Marcel wasn’t in the hall anymore. Instead I found him in the living room, watching Spongebob with Danny. I shook my head and walked into the kitchen, where I found a note from my dad on the fridge.

Hey, kiddo,
Sorry, but you're gonna have to watch Danny today. I ran into some trouble at work, and I’m gonna have to stay here for the day. I’m sorry, honey—maybe you and your…ahem, “friend” can study here? I really am sorry, sweetie, but I know for a fact
that I am going to be home tomorrow. You can do whatever you want when I get home.
Love you, and see you later. The mac and cheese was delicious, by the way. :)

I crumpled the note up and shoved it in my pocket. Of course… I sighed and started cleaning up. “Hey, Annie, are we gonna be able to go?” Marcel walked in and grabbed a washcloth and started to clean up the counter. I sighed.

“I have to watch my little brother, so I don’t think so.” Marcel shrugged.

“That’s fine. We’ll clean this up, then I’ll help you with math, then maybe we can take your brother to bowling with us or something. Or we can go to the arcade. Or we can go to the library and get a movie.”

“You want to stay all day with me and my kid brother?” I asked in disbelief.

“I got nothing better to do. It’s Saturday, all I do anyway is stay in my house, and listen to music.”  Marcel tossed a paper towel in the trash. I raised an eyebrow.

“Then let’s get moving!”



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