If You Spread Your Wings.

(Sequel to "The Unexpected Miracle.")
Kira has grown up, maybe too fast for Justin's liking.
So when she takes over her mother's job, danger starts filling the air. But love brings her back to reality.
It always ends in some sort of way....


2. Two.

Kira's P.O.V.

Something about danger attracted me, but hell, should've listened to my mother. She's always right, and I went for it. 
So, here I am, tied up against a chair. 

"One mission, and you get to go home." Satiamova explained.
"After, you leave me and my family alone?" I asked quietly. 
"Yes, if you do it right." He warned. 

I nodded quickly, taking this a chance. 
"What's the job?" I whispered. 
"You have to find a boy, his name's Alexander Styles. You have two months to kill him, he owes us money. He's clearly his father's son. Be careful, he can be tricky, but there's always on soft spot in every person." He said getting closer. 
"Love." He whispered harshly in my ear. 
"How can I be so sure he'll like me?" I frowned. 
"You have your mother's attitude, but look at your mom and dad... She fell in love with the target, and they're married, have a kid. Everything worked out fine, until today. So, don't be too sure about safety, because it isn't present in life. You fall in love with the kid, you're dead." He stated harshly. 

I nodded slightly. 
Make him fall for you, kill him. 

I never touched a gun in my life, so it might be pretty hard. 
I'm not even sure I know how. 

"How am I supposed to know everything?" I asked quietly. 
"Your parents." He smiled. 

I looked at him confused. 
He smirked, taking his phone out, putting it on speaker. 

"Where is she?" I heard my father growl. 
Not the thing you like to see. 
"I have an offer." The man in front of me spoke. 
"Go on." My mother's quiet voice was heard. 
"You train her, for one mission. After it's done, I let you all go. I'll make sure no one bothers you again." He said, the smirk plastered on his face. 
"Fine. Where do we meet?" My mom said after a couple of seconds, calming dad down. 
"Your first shot, sweetheart." And he hung up. 

He untied my ropes, leaving me free. 
I thanked him silently, that bitch. 

I'm not that much of a pro to make someone fall in love with me, so I don't even know how I'll have the courage to speak to a stranger. 

"So, I'm going to tell you about the basics." He said. 
I nodded, urging him to continue. 
"Alexander Styles, fifteen years old, about to celebrate his sixteenth birthday. That's where you come in." He indicated. 
"I can't invite myself to a party!" I exclaimed. 
"You'll be undercover in his school, everyone is invited to those parties." He chuckled in a 'duh' tone. 
I sigh, running a hand through my messy hair. I nodded slightly, telling him to continue. 
"You'll go under the name of... you choose, I don't really care." He shrugged.
"Asya Smith." I concluded. 

Pronounced As-I-a, not like the country Asia. 
He nodded, giving me thumbs up. 

So I had a new identity. 
Just great. 

"We've got you a friend, her name's Delilah Jones, she knows about everything. So if you need to let all the crap feelings out of your chest." He imitated a girl. "Than you can do it." 
I groaned at his actions, nodding while crossing my arms over my chest. 
"Your parents will be here tonight, read this file... Everything you need to know." He said groggily, leaving afterwards. 

There wasn't a picture, so I won't even know what he looks like.

Great... just feeling amazing right now...

Name: Alexander Dylan Styles. 
Height: 6'2.

WAIT! What?
I have to kill, a dude, who's probably twice my height. 
But seriously? I'm 5'3, this is big injustice, right here. 

Moving on...

Hair: Black.
Eyes: Green.

Wow, information much. 
The rest was how he hadn't given the money back yet, which represents 500 000$, probably what I'll ever make in a lifetime.
Like dude, you can't give it back, you don't take it first. 
Dumb ass. 

Soon, the door opened and my parents were there. 
I ran towards them, as they both hugged me tightly. 
Sighing, I hugged back. 

"Are you alright?" My father asked quietly. 
"I'm fine, dad." I whispered. 
"We have two days to prepare you sweetie, we need to start, now." She smiled knowingly, running a hand through my hair. 
"Did you know that the guy is over six foot." I mumbled. "He's not even sixteen yet, and he trespasses dad's height!" 
My mother laughed quietly, as my father scowled. 
"Everything'll be alright sweetheart." She said quietly. 

I nodded hesitantly, staying in my parents embrace. 
"Let's start with self-defence." Dad said. 

I shook my head yes, and we started. 
Apparently, it's nothing about the height. But all about the mind. 

Which I try to believe, but it seems hard...
I learned how to use a gun too, but we'll continue with it tomorrow. 

"She has my talents." My mother smirked. 
She always finds a way to lighten the mood. 
"What tells you she doesn't have mine?" My dad said playfully. 
"Justin, you could try and shoot the target, but in reality you'd almost shoot yourself." My mom chuckled. 

I laughed as my father whined. 
Sometimes, even when it's not the right time, they make me laugh. 
And that's when I tell myself, they did all of this for you, so you can do this little thing for them. 

"Tomorrow, we continue with the gun and fighting skills. But for now, you need rest. Go take a shower, you have a bed in the room. Your parents will come back in the morning." Satiamova appeared, making my mother growl. 

They left a couple of minutes after, making me smile. 
I took a quick, cold shower. 

I dressed in the PJ's my parents left as my other clothes were in the washing machine so I could wear it again, tomorrow. 

Damn, life seems hard. 


Alexander Styles! *Wink, Wink*
Yes, as Harry Styles son. You'll find out later  :D

-Audrey :]

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