If You Spread Your Wings.

(Sequel to "The Unexpected Miracle.")
Kira has grown up, maybe too fast for Justin's liking.
So when she takes over her mother's job, danger starts filling the air. But love brings her back to reality.
It always ends in some sort of way....


12. Twelve.

Kira's P.O.V.

Stepping in the small house, I looked around. The heat was bearable, but still undeniably very hot. We've finally arrived in L.A and we had already been greeted by our neighbours, who invited us over for a traditional party. Apparently, the girls have to prepare without the boys, with some kind of traditional Hispanic robe. 

"Alright." My mother sigh, smiling lightly. "Perrie, Zayn and Elliott together. Harry you have one to yourself. Justin and I will take one. I trust you two." 

She glanced at Alex and I, smirking sneakily. When my dad was about to protest, she slapped her hand over his mouth, pushing him towards the stairs. I let out a small giggle, Alex's hand intertwined with mine. 

We slowly went up the multiple steps, his tall figure one step ahead. He pushed himself through he doorframe, dumbfounded. We both looked around the small room, pacing at an extremely slowly tempo. It was a typical mexican house, with an exotic theme. The walls were painted a weird yellow colour and some kind of tan colour. There was a double bed, to bedside tables and of course, the in suite bathroom. 

Alex threw himself on the bed, snuggling his face in the mushy pillow. He sigh in relief, making me laugh. Such an overdramatic queen. I rolled my eyes, crawling next to him, his arm immediately wrapping itself around my small waist. 

"What would've happened if we were still out there?" I murmured, feeling him kiss my temple. 
"We aren't, so why think about it?" He whispered in my ear, pressing his chest against my back. 
"Just trying to picture what it'd be like." I mumbled, my eyes staring at the wall ahead. "Do you think... we would've died?" 
"For as long as I'm alive." He trailed huskily. "No one will even lay a finger on you." 

His words warmed my heart, his head snuggling further into my neck. He was such a cheeky sweetheart, no matter how tough his outsides looked. Thinking back then, I completely forgot about Delilah! Oh my God. 

Feeling quiet snores, I smiled to myself, slowly standing up. I walked to my recently found iPhone, picking it up. Carefully walking out, I gently clicked the door shut, smiling as I heard Alex's snores grow louder. 

I sneaked out in the back yard, smiling as the fresh hot air of L.A brushed against my skin, I typed Delilah's number in. A couple of rings later, her frantic voice shouted on the other line, practically giving both of ourselves a heart attack. 

"Explain." She stated simply, rather harshly might I add. 
"Alright." I breathed. "When I snuck back in Satiamova's house, random dudes were in the house, and you guessed the rest, I got kidnapped. I woke up in a cement room, with Alex. We were in freaking Rio De Janeiro. After three days of sweating, practically starving and hearing Alex whine twenty-four seven, we finally snuck out. A nice lady gave us a home for a few days, and my mother found Alex. So right now, we're in East L.A with our parents and Alex's father's friends and baby, which is the cutest baby you'll ever see in your whole entire life. There, all said and rectified." 

There was a long silent pause, a couple of realization sounds escaping her mouth, she finally decided to speak again. 

"Ahhhhhhhhh." She chuckled. "It all makes sense now." 
"Sometimes, I wonder why I ever became friends with you." I smirked to myself. "Right, I was forced to." 
"Oh no you didn't!" She exclaimed loudly. 

We had several conversation subjects, until my mom called me saying we had to go get ready with out new neighbours. I promised her I'd call her tomorrow, walking to our new neighbour's place with my mom and Perrie. 

She was such an amazing person. She was beautiful, generous, caring, sweet... No doubt Zayn wanted her as a wife. We walked to the front porch, my mother gently knocking on the front door, waiting patiently for an answer. 

The door flew open, revealing an excited looking women. She affectively greeted us, with extremely big/wet kisses on the cheeks. She ushered us in, grinning widely as she did so, she was so nice!

"Come!" She motioned in her thick spanish accent. "My daughter will help you get ready!" 

That was directed to me, as she pushed me towards a girl around my age. Dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, extreme curves and pretty facial features. She was good looking, but still not a model. I mean, she's in the normal category, like me. 

"Hi! I'm Anastasia." She grinned. 
"Kira." I smiled. 

She sat me in a chair, starting off with my hair. She separated it in the middle, which I thought was ugly, but the way she placed them was pretty cool. She gave them a beach wavy effect, leaving my hair in long waves/curls. 

She then gave me a traditional mexican dress, it was extremely colourful and quite pretty. Of course, you won't see an american simply walking out of no where with that kind of clothes, and honestly I wouldn't either, but it was truly beautiful. 

I slipped in the loose material, smiling lightly at how soft it was. She helped me tie it up, making sure it was well done. There was a slight hood that hovered my head, hanging loosely and fixedly. It was a blood red colour, with little touches of orange. 

"Now." She grinned, clasping her hands together. "We need to do your makeup."

She applied natural makeup, the least foundation she could put and mascara. Afterwards, she made me stand up and spin around, making sure everything was in place. She smiled and nodded, directing me to the kitchen. 

My mother and Perrie were dressed exactly like me, in different colours. Perrie's was a beautiful turquoise colour, as for my mom, it was a bright purple. They both looked like they were in their twenties, even though my mother's in her thirties. 

"Let's take a picture." The women who invited us smiled brightly, ushering everyone with us. 

She placed the timer and ran into the frame, smiling as the bright flash illuminated the room. The nice women told us the guests were coming in about fifteen minutes, and that the boys'll arrive soon too. A stupid grin plastered on my face, thinking about Alex. 

"Sweetheart." My mom chuckled. "You look like a psychopath."

Perrie burst into laughter, my smile fading in one quick movement. I looked at her disbelievingly, laughing along. My mom tried to contain her laughter, but eventually gave in. There wasn't much to do, we were all laughing like maniacs. 

As told, fifteen minutes later, multiple guests arrived, greeting us warmly. The whole neighbourhood was here, and it was nice to meet everyone. They were such a nice crowd, but right now, my mind was drifting away. My dad, Zayn, Harry and Alex didn't arrive yet, my nerves slowly building up. 

I decided to go outside with the rest, socializing with my new neighbours. They were such a funny bunch, it was nice to have something positive since the last couple of months weren't exactly a success. 

"Someone's watching you." Anastasia whispered, smirking. 

I turned around, seeing Alex leaning on the wall, arms cross. He smiled at me, his cute dimples appearing on his cheeks. I blushed lightly, looking at how he was dressed. He had tan coloured skinny jeans, sagging slightly and hanging low on his hips. His black t-shirt was fitting his torso perfectly, exposing his perfectly developed muscles. 

Slowly walking towards him, his lips formed a small smirk as he slowly pushed himself off the brick wall. I looked down, a small smile on my face as I trudged closer. Finally standing in front of him, he grinned down at me. 

"You look beautiful." He murmured. 
"You don't look too bad yourself." I whispered, pecking his lips. 

He smiled again, smiling. He wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me up. I laughed aloud, telling him to put me down, without succeeding. He laughed huskily, sending shivers down my spine as he looked up at me. I repeat, looked up! Well probably a centimetre, not much, BUT STILL! 

"I loved you." He breathed against my lips.
"I love you too." I smiled softly as he smashed his lips against mine. 

I kissed back gladly, liking the fact I was taller than him for once. He pulled away breathlessly, his eyes boring into mine. 

"Will you be my girlfriend?" He smiled, keeping his eyes straight on mine.

"I'd be honoured." 




-Audrey :]

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