If You Spread Your Wings.

(Sequel to "The Unexpected Miracle.")
Kira has grown up, maybe too fast for Justin's liking.
So when she takes over her mother's job, danger starts filling the air. But love brings her back to reality.
It always ends in some sort of way....


10. Ten.

Samira's P.O.V.

We stepped out of the plane, being directed inside the airport. I knew his secret location was here, I just didn't know where. Rio's big, big enough to get lost after many visits. Brazil is a ghetto country, not the place to get lost if you're an innocent girl. Such as I used to be before my dumb father made me become who I used to be for my teenage years. 

Harry told us he had a friend down town, so we didn't need to spend even more money on a stupid motel room, if we even had enough. My thoughts soon drifted to Kira and Alex, how they were coping with their first ever kidnapping. 

Guilt built inside of me, knowing I had agreed to sent her on mission. My one and only mistake during my active years, falling in love. I don't regret it, but I shouldn't have put her through what I went through. But maybe it's her future husband, the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with, the father of my grandchildren. We never know... 

Jumping in the taxi, Harry sat in the passenger seat, leaving me and Justin in the back seats. It was pretty small, and old. The man was extremely friendly and funny, he was really nice to hold a conversation with. The path we were driving on suddenly became more bumpy, my body moving from side to side by the effect. 

The engine cut off, stopping in front of multiple houses, all poor looking. I wasn't exactly complaining, I just prefer my safe home back in Canada, where we're away of all this chaos, where I should've protected my daughter in the first place. 

I gladly paid the small man, thanking him. He grinned at the small tip I left, thanking us quickly and jumping back in his small taxi car. My black duffle bag, I followed Harry, Justin insisting on being behind in case of any pedophiles. Still the same protective husband. 

Guys with machine guns started appearing from corners, crossing their arms over their chests, almost insisting we turn back around. As Harry didn't move, one of them pointed his pistol at us, encouraging the others to do the same. 

"Woah! Stop!" A voice interrupted. "They're with me!" 

I looked up the cement stairs, seeing a man about our age. Tall, tattoos, black hair... Attractive, but off limits. We followed him quietly, still stunned from the previous events. I thought I was going to die before even saying a word. 

He led us to his small home, compiled under others. Opening the door, he revealed a small house, the weather practically worse than outside. It felt like an oven in here, almost as if we were rotten potatoes. 

A blonde girl was washing the dishes, hair stuck on her forehead. She soon stopped, drying her hands with the cloth sitting on the counter. She smiled warmly, standing besides her boyfriend/husband, I'm guessing. 

"This is my wife, Perrie." He motioned her, smiling the slightest. "I'm Zayn, by the way." 
"Samira and my husband, Justin." I smiled gently, shaking her hand. 

Justin also did, politely, while Perrie dragged me away, letting them have their manly conversations, probably planning revenge. She brought me to a room, where I dropped Justin and I's stuff, looking around. 

"What brings you here?" She sighed, her british accent clear. 
"Full story?" I mumbled, sitting next to her on the freshly made bed. She nodded. 
"I used to be a Russian Agent, and I was sent out to kill a boy named Justin Bieber. I was twenty at the time, young and I hadn't had teenage years because of my father. He forced me to become who I used to be. I fell in love, I told Justin everything, he abandoned me. My father kidnapped me, he came and saved me. We got married and had a beautiful daughter, Kira." I smiled lightly. "A month or so earlier, Satiamova, my old boss, called her to takeover on my job. Even with my warnings, she didn't take on it, so she simply went. She had to kill a boy, which is Harry's son, and they fell in love. Turns out he was out to kill her also, Satiamova kidnapped them both recently, taking them to the secret location. Which I know is here, but not the exact location." 

She nodded understandingly, smiling in assurance. She patted my shoulder lightly, thinking for a few seconds. 

"You just have to think harder, maybe it's closer than you think." She breathed. 

Kira's P.O.V.

"I'm hungry." Alex whined for the thousandth time of the day. 

It's the third day in hell, or this thing. We only eat once a day, we have to share an orange and two piece of bread. So generous. Alex, being the pig he is, has to eat almost everything leaving me with practically nothing. 

Suddenly, my head clicked. I made a realization sound, a small smile appearing on my face. I nudged him quickly, shifting ever-so-awkwardly on the very uncomfortable floor I've been sat for way too long. 

"Check in my pocket." I whispered. 
"What? Why?" He mumbled. I gave him a stern look. "Fine which one." 
"Left, back." I murmured. 

I turned on my stomach, feeling his hand on my butt. I looked at him and saw the smirk, I urged him to continue, inwardly groaning at his pervert thoughts, kinky teenage dirtbag. He pulled the small object out, seeing the pocket knife. 

"Couldn't have gotten it out earlier." He quietly snapped, groaning loudly. 
"Oops." I murmured, an innocent smile on my face. 

I turned around, my back facing him as he carefully cut the ropes tying my hands together, making me sigh in relief as they were finally off. My wrists were full of burns, the bright red colour making me groan. 

I cut his off, we were finally free. We stood up, my legs wobbling as I cut the ropes around my ankles, doing the same with Alex's. I moved around for a bit, enjoying the sensation, dancing for a bit, moving my body around. 

"Come on, the door's unlocked." He ushered me over, slowly opening the metal door. 

I peeked over his shoulder, hardly seeing anything, so damn short. He started moving forward, keeping me behind him. He started going faster, the light of the day becoming stronger as I inhaled the hot and fresh hair. 

He cracked what I guess is the front door open, closing it silently behind him. As soon as it's done, we start running quickly, outside the electric gate and in the unknown city of Rio. The people in the streets looking at us weirdly, which I could care less. 

Finally stopping, he pulled us into an alley, a deserted one. We took this moment to catch our breath, knowing we were about to take off again. After a few minutes, he peeked his head out of the alley, checking from left to right. 

He nodded and took my hand, entwining our fingers, which in some sort of way, made my heart jump out of my chest. Literally. He started running, his hand never leaving mine, I liked the feeling, even if it wasn't the time to have those thoughts. I couldn't help myself. 

Soon, we stopped in front of a small store, what seemed like a drug store. It was small and seemed almost old. An old women ushered us in, taking in our condition. She brought us in the back, where a small house was attached. 

It looked poor, like most of the houses in Rio, the mansions were mostly at the top of the hills. She gave us spare clothes, showing us the shower, telling us we need rest. We didn't even know her, but she seemed lovely. Alex went first, taking two minutes max. He came back out with only beige coloured shorts, no shirt. Cough, drooling, Cough. 

He smirked, his eyebrows raised as he stepped closer to me. My throat suddenly felt dry, a lump forming where the words were supposed to be. His face only inches away from mine, his lips almost moulding with mine. 

It eventually happened, his hands cascading down my hips, circling my waist. I brought my hands to his freshly washed jet black curls. To say I felt fireworks was felt. I felt like elephants were racing and stomping all over me, my heart being knocked out along the way. 

Slowly pulling away, he pecked my lips one last time and pushed me into the washroom, smiling as he did so. Washing all the dirt off me felt truly amazing, I kind of needed a shower anyways. Stepping out, I looked at the clothes the lady gave me. 

A black bikini, a loose light turquoise coloured see through t-shirt and short grey shorts. Quickly pulling them on, my hair dried more than likely fast, giving them beach waves effect. I clipped my fringe with my bobby-pin, stepping out of the bathroom. 

We had escaped.


2 CHAPTERS IN A WEEKEND? WHOOP WHOOP! Yeah, I had inspiration, that's kind of the point of a story.... INSPIRATION. 
ZAYN AND PERRIE! WHAT ABOUT PERRIE'S STATEMENT? IT CAME FROM THE BACK OF MY MIND, probably because everything comes from there... 



-Audrey :]

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