If You Spread Your Wings.

(Sequel to "The Unexpected Miracle.")
Kira has grown up, maybe too fast for Justin's liking.
So when she takes over her mother's job, danger starts filling the air. But love brings her back to reality.
It always ends in some sort of way....


1. One.

Samira's P.O.V.

I heard the window creak open as I slowly stood up. I walked towards Kira's room, opening the door silently. 
She was about to jump out. 

"Kira." I warned. 
Her head snapped in my direction, as she quickly closed the window, leaning on it nervously. 
"Hey mom." She smiled laughing nervously. 

I looked at her, my eyebrows raised. A small smirk spreading across my face. She looked at me confused.

"Where were you headed?" I whispered, leaning on the doorframe. 
"No where, j-just looking out the window, w-with my f-feet on the border." She ran a hand through her hair, like she would normally. 
"Sweetie, I would prefer if you stayed in tonight. I've let it slide without telling dad, but you know I can't hide it forever." I sighed. 
"Thanks mom, I promise I won't go out tonight." She nodded, going back to her bed. 
"I'm not joking, the world is a dangerous place." I pointed my finger at her. 

I closed the door, staying in the hallway for ten minutes until I heard soft snores. I smiled knowingly and walked towards my bedroom. 
I heard loud snores making laugh silently. 

I gently placed myself under the covers again, Justin turning towards me, his snores stopping completely. 
"Where were you?" He groaned, wrapping his arm around my waist. 
"Checking on Kira." I mumbled. 
"You know she's sixteen." He muttered. 
"Well, at least I stopped her from sneaking out again." I said quietly, slapping a hand over my mouth. 

He sat up quickly, looking at me in disbelief. 
"Stopping her from what?" He asked quickly, his eyes burning holes through my skin. 
"Nothing." I said turning around. 
"Samira, look at me right now." He said quietly snapping. 
"She was about to sneak out." I mumbled. 
"I reckon you saying again." He said angrily. 
"You're right, she's a teen. Nothing you've never done." I told him. 
"Do you know how dangerous the world is? She could've gotten killed for all I know. And you let it slide like it was nothing." He said, frustrated, running a hand through his messy hair. 
"Just get some sleep, we'll talk about it in the morning." I sigh. 
"I'm going out, I'll come back whenever." He stood up quickly, pulling a shirt over his head. 

I sighed and turned around so I laid on my back. 
When it comes to Kira, Justin gets a bit overly protective. It's quite nice from him, I understand he only wants to protect his daughter, but she still had to live. 
I know I should punish her, but I feel like I don't have the authority since I've done it myself. Everything seems so messed up. 

I decided to sleep, but it was hard. 
It's the first time Justin ever got this mad, and it's kind of scary. I've seen worst when we were younger, of course, but it just seems like he's going back to those times. 
He's supposed to be an adult. 


Since it was summer, Kira didn't have school, so I didn't need to wake her up. She soon came downstairs, dressed in her PJ's. 
"Where's dad?" She asked quietly, yawning. 
"Got mad last night." I shrugged. 

It isn't the first time he does, but he's never left the house like that. 

"Good, because I kind of need to talk to you about something." She mumbled, sitting on a bar stool. 
"Go ahead." I smiled reassuringly. 
"Satiamova asked me to take your job." She said.

I dropped my water bottle in the sink, looking at her quickly. She looked at me weirdly, since she didn't know what my actual job is. 

"Sweetie, don't approach him in any way. It's only danger that your father and I had managed to get away from." I told her sternly. 
"What's going on mom?" She asked shakily. 

I hugged her, rubbing her back slightly. 
"Nothing, but if you do go back to him, everything in your life will change, and not for the better." I said softly. 

She nodded hesitantly, eating a bowl of cereal and heading upstairs. 
This isn't what I expected my 'I need to talk to you'. 
Way far from it. 

I sigh and leaned on the counter, rubbing my eyes. I didn't get much sleep last night, Justin just keeps stressing me out. 
The door suddenly opened, and talking about the demon. 

"Hi." He grumbled. 
"So, instead of ignoring me, and getting that madness act out, we have serious talking to do." I groaned. 
"What, she snuck out last night? Please, tell me more." He said sarcastically. 

Oh, he did not want to irritate me this morning. 

"Satiamova thought she could take over. But wait, you wouldn't know because she comes to me." I told him madly. 

He turned as soon as that phrase was out. 
"He what?" Justin growled. 

I admit, it gets pretty scary. But I got used to it, I remember sometimes, he made Kira cry. Then he would excuse himself. 

"Oh you heard me, but it seems you liked it better out than with your own family, Justin." I said on a firm tone. 

This did not start well for a day. 

"I was mad okay. I'm sorry." He said, rubbing his forehead. 
"Do you see me leaving the house when I'm mad Justin? Or did you go back to Parker?" I said shakily. 
"This isn't important." He mumbled. 
"You took drug again Justin. This isn't the time, or the place. You have a daughter." I cried. 

He came over and hugged me .
I rested my head on his chest, tears streaming on the material of his shirt. 

"I promise I won't do it again." He said quietly, kissing my forehead.
"For God's sake you better not." I sobbed quietly. 

He rubbed my side gently, making me calm down. He always finds the weak spot, using it against me. He softly kissed my shoulder, making me melt. 

"I love you." He whispered in my neck. 
"I love you too." I said quietly, shutting my eyes tightly. 

I left his embrace after a couple of seconds, both of us walking to the kitchen.
I watched as he cooked lunch, smiling lightly. 

Everything always sorts out fine in a matter of time. 
My work phone suddenly rang, both pair of eyes on it. 
I hesitantly picked up, putting it on speaker. 

"Well, hello there." I heard Satiamova's awfully playful voice.
"What do you want?" I groaned. 

Justin now had his full attention on the phone, shutting off the stove. 
"Your job has been lended to someone else." I swear, I could sense the smirk.
"And why do I care?" I snorted. 
"Mom!" I heard a voice cry. 

Justin tensed and grabbed the phone.
"What do you want?" He spat angrily. 
"You trying to find her." And with that, the other line went dead. 

He threw the phone at the wall angrily, as I slowly started to weaken. 
My knees buckled and next thing I knew, they were in contact with the cold ceramic floor. 

"He fucking took her." He sobbed. 
"We'll find her." I whispered, slowly getting up. 
"I swear I'll kill the fucker." He cried again. 

I swear I'll be help to that...



So thank you to the ones who continued reading ;) Very appreciated :D

-Audrey :]

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