If You Spread Your Wings.

(Sequel to "The Unexpected Miracle.")
Kira has grown up, maybe too fast for Justin's liking.
So when she takes over her mother's job, danger starts filling the air. But love brings her back to reality.
It always ends in some sort of way....


4. Four.

Alex's P.O.V.

I was watching her intently, as I leaned against the wall, taking sips of beer now and then. 
She was driving me crazy, but it doesn't seem normal for me. 

I've never had this weird feeling, where I feel like I'm craving for her touch. 
She was stubborn, everybody found that out earlier. She was beautiful, there isn't a doubt there. But honestly, I'm not familiar with the feeling. 

"What are you waiting for?" Jake asked, knowing my staring was more than intense. 
"I don't really know." I sighed, as my eyes trailed down her body. "I feel weird men." 

He smirked lightly, drinking a bit. I gave him a confused look. 

"Do you like her?" He finally asked. 
I was about to answer brutally when I looked at her again. Could this really be possible? Am I actually falling for the new girl. 
"Uh." Was all I could get out. 
I didn't have the answer. 

He patted my shoulder, walking away. 
What the hell is going on?

Kira's P.O.V.

"Go talk to him!" Delilah shouted over the loud music.
"No! I don't know what to say!" I whined. 
"Go!" She pushed me off the dance floor. 

I groaned and decided to get something to drink. I grabbed a red cup, taking a huge gulp. Punch, I see. 
Taking another look at Curly, his eyes were still on me. 

Okay, maybe this is the time to talk to him. 
I sat on the bar stool right besides him as he looked at me. 

"Enjoying the show, Curly?" I smirk, taking a sip. 
"Yes, very much, thank you." He returned my favour. 
"Nice to see I'm praising my viewers." I said cheekily. 

His deep laugh was heard silently, since the whole room was blasting through music. 
"You're different." He said, turning his whole body to face me, crossing his arms, still leaning on the wall. 
"How is that?" I chuckled. 
"Well, you didn't run off yet." He shrugged teasingly. "What's your name?" 

I leaned close to his ear, feeling his hot breath fanning my neck. 
"You can find out yourself." I said, hopping off the bar stool, slamming my cup on the counter. 

I walked on the dance floor, again, dancing with Delilah again. 
When it was around two in the morning, we decided to leave since we still have school tomorrow. 
I went to Alex, smirking as his eyes met mine. I walked up to him. 
"Happy birthday." I chuckled. 
"You too." He smirked. 
"See you got what you wanted." I raised my eyebrows and left. 

The dude knew my birthday, where did he get that from?
It was still the best birthday ever!

When D and I finally arrived at her penthouse, I breathed loudly. 
"What's wrong?" She asked quickly. 
"Oh my God, I flirted with Alexander Styles, he knows that today was my birthday. I feel like I'm going to die." I said, leaning on the door for support. 
"Calm down! You talked to him! Did you make a baby?" She slurred. 
"Are you drunk?" I frowned, chuckling at her actions. 
"Pff, n-no." She hiccuped. 

I laughed and brought her to her bed.
After she was asleep, I went to the living room, not in the mood to sleep with a kicking Delilah, she's so unique. It's quite nice to have her as a friend. 
My phone buzzed in my hands. 

From: Handsome ;)
You should watch your phone.

Oh my God, Curly took my phone!

To: Curly :)
Your name had now changed to Curly! Good night, and... Happy Birthday... again.

I shut my phone off, not caring if he answered, I was too tired to care, I felt like dying out of tiredness for a couple of seconds. 

But, I finally fell into peaceful slumber. 


My phone rang loudly, as I groaned. 
I looked at the time, seeing it was noon. Shit, some chance I have that it's saturday. 

"Hello?" I answered groggily. 
"Sweetheart! How's everything?" My mom asked. 
"Is dad listening?" I asked. 
"No." She said nervously. "Go away Justin." 
"But-" I cut him off. 
"GOODBYE DAD!" I exclaimed. 
"Love you too." He said sarcastically. 

That's the thing with my father and I, always teasing each other. My parents act more like my friends sometimes, quite funny. 

"What's up?" She asked. 
"Did you try to deny the fact you fell in love with the target?" I mumbled, frowning. 
"I tried, but I couldn't. Since I had to get closer to him, and my feeling grew stronger. Why? Oh My." She whispered. "You're falling for him, aren't you?" 
"Well, no. Maybe, I don't know! He seems so dangerous, and he's god damn attractive mom. But I just met him, so I don't know..." I rambled, getting frustrated with myself. 
"Sweetie, you don't have to deny it. I'll support you no matter what, but is he really worth the consequences?" And she hung up. 

Damn, mothers and their advices. 
They're great, but they leave you hanging there.

I sigh and looked at Delilah, who had just walked in. 
"Your dress is almost backwards." I laughed in a raspy tone. 
"Thanks, shit face." She answered yawning. 

I giggled and pulled my hair in a loose bun. 
"So, did you talk to Curly after the party?" She mumbled, spilling orange juice all over the counter. 
"He stole my phone and put his number in it, so yeah." I chuckled, re-thinking about last night. 
"He's so into you." She smiled knowingly. 
"But there's a problem." I hesitated, rubbing my forehead. 
"What?" She asked, confusion spreading across her face. 

"I think I might like him too."


Kira and Alex? Or should I say Asya ;)
Maybe soon, maybe not....

-Audrey :]

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