New Boy In Town

"Hi my name is LuLu Ryan and you are?"
"Marcel Styles", Marcel Styles was a new boy in town, but he was now the biggest nerd in the school, he gets book drop, punch and kicked in the stomach, his life is living in hell, he have to move again, and into a new school, he always get bullied and push around. He doesn't understand why people have to be so cruel, and bitchy, then there was LuLu, the girl who save his life from bullying. LuLu decided to help him, and maybe change him into a different kind if person.


5. The Real Me One Time

///Marcel P.O.V.\\\
"Marcel.." LuLu said poking my cheek while I was trying to read the history textbook. She kept poking my cheek for a while now so I gave up.

"What LuLu? I'm trying to study so I can be read for the test", I said trying to stop distracting me.

"But her test won't be in 10 weeks before the Midnight Jam"

"I just want to know everything"

"Marcel can I ask you a question?"

"Sure go ahead"

"When the last time you had fun"

"Um reading is my fun thing"

"No seriously Marcel, in your life you gotta have something to have fun"

"Well I did once, it was my 16 year and I wasn't a nerd kid who gets push around"

"Really who were you then?"

"I always get suspended, detentions everything, I used to drink, but not anymore, I changed myself cause I was turning soft,
So I got my glasses cause my eye doctor said I need them I changed my hair and clothes" I said

*~* LuLu's P.O.V.*~* 

He took off his sweater and unbutton his shirt and showing me his abs and tattoos, he took off his shirt and I see tattoos on his shoulder. I widen my eyes,  my stomach was going crazy, he's making me melt. He is so hot.

"Wow", I said looking at his tone abs. He put his shirt back on I shook my head. He button his shirt.

"How come your not putting your real self out there?"

"Cause I'm afraid what people thinks of me, and girls coming to me cause my looks, I just want to stay normal, can we please stop talking bout this, it's none of your business and let me read!", he snapped and grabbed his textbook, he began to study. Was this Marcel real him? His voice got louder and more confident and I got scared.

"Sorry...", I said looking down and grabbing my history book and getting up and sitting on my bed. I grabbed my glasses that was sitting on the night stand, and I start reading. I use my glasses only for reading.

"Looks I'm sorry that I snapped at you", he manage to say, "just stress out and don't really like talking about it"

"Well i'm sorry that I even ask you about it"

"It's okay", he said.

"Where are you from?"


"Where are you from?"

"I'm from Holmes Chapel"

"Oh well welcome to Wellington"

"Thanks, so you wear glasses?"

"Yeah for reading"

"Ok, Well I better get going, my mum probably worried about me", he said.

"How are you going to get there?"

"I will take a bus", he packed all his stuff.

"I will walk you to the front door", I said as I got up and we walked out. I walked down stairs and already see Jonny sitting in the living room watching Telly. 

"Hey Lu can you make me--- Woah, whose this boy, your boyfriend"

"Shut up Jon! No he just a friend", I said, and I open the door for Marcel.

"Thanks for having me over"

"Your welcome", I said and hugged him tight. He was shocked but then he hugged me back. 

"See you in school tomorrow", I said he walked out, I closed the door and smiled.

"Wow, your falling for a geek" Jonny said behind me.

"SHUT UP!!" I yelled. I walk in the kitchen, and all I could think about is Marcel.

///Marcel P.O.V.\\\
I left at Lu house, and I arrive to my house, I walked and open the front door, I closed it and saw my step-dad watching Telly.

"Hello Harry, how was school?", my mum came out from the kitchen.

"Mum I told you to call me by my middle name, Marcel", Harry is my first name and Marcel is my middle name.

"Harry I don't see why you don't like your first name Harold, then you like to put it into Harry, and now you want to be called by Marcel"

"Mum I'm not Harry anymore that just in the last okay, now I'm Marcel, anyways I made two friends, their names are Leah and LuLu", I said and someone hand was in my shoulder, I looked it was Gemma. 

"Oooh Harry met some girls already"

"Shut up! Their really nice and call me Marcel"

"Whatever", I rolled my eye and walked up to my room, I walked in, and my room is pretty organize, I always pick my outfit for tomorrow. I looked in my closet and trying to find which clothing. Something dropped on my face, I looked at it, it was my old necklace that I aways wear, a little paper airplane. I always love this. This was suppose to be part of the real me, but I'm not ready to show it yet, Im not ready.

HEYYY! How do you like it so far? I'm so tired single day, I mean updating is fun so you guys can read it, but I'm just too tired, that's all. But don't worry I'm not done updating, like last time I haven't updated Feeling the Opposite like two or a month. But I promise I will update everyday, well I don't know about Saturday, and Sunday. Hope you enjoy.
~^~* Hallie ^~*

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