New Boy In Town

"Hi my name is LuLu Ryan and you are?"
"Marcel Styles", Marcel Styles was a new boy in town, but he was now the biggest nerd in the school, he gets book drop, punch and kicked in the stomach, his life is living in hell, he have to move again, and into a new school, he always get bullied and push around. He doesn't understand why people have to be so cruel, and bitchy, then there was LuLu, the girl who save his life from bullying. LuLu decided to help him, and maybe change him into a different kind if person.


3. Tell Me What Your All About

///Marcel P.O.V.\\\

    LuLu seems really nice, and kind, no girl ever talk to me, or even come up to me, I'm always shy and stuttered my words. She seems so caring and beautiful. 

She was taking me to my class and we have math class together, every time I'm bear her my palms get sweating and my heart starts to beat over the speed limit. God she drop dead gorgeous.

*~* LuLu's P.O.V.*~* 
We walked to math, as I open the door and hearing Mr. Hutson teaching.

"So what is the square root of---Ahh Miss Ryan, finally care to join us", he said looking at me as all pairs of eyes landed on us.

"Well I have a good excuse Mr. Hutson"

"Well okay let me hear then"

"We have a new student and he was having trouble looking for Math 1 Honors, so I have to show him around"

"Really? I heard we are having a new student, please come in and let me see whose our new student", I turn to Marcel and told him to come in. As we fully enter I closed the door.

"So what's your name?", he asked Marcel.

"M-m-my name is M-M-marcel Styels", I heard a cough in the back and said.

"Loser!", that makes everybody laugh, I rolled my eyes, that was just Caleb, he is so fucked up. Marcel looked down, and I sighed, I cleared my throat and they all stop laughing.

"Well alright class stop laughing at the new student okay, Marcel you can take a seat next to LuLu, just take out a spiral and write down the noted in the board", he said as we sat down in the middle. 

He took put his notes and started to write down the notes, really? He looks cute when he looks down, I smiled and looked down and took out my notes.

*after periods of classes*
It was finally lunch time, my favorite time of the day, I walked in between tables.

"Hey Lu", said this girl Stefanie.

"Hi Stefanie"

"LuLu there she is"

"Hey! David my man", I said and chuckled.

"Mhm can I get an Amen cause I definitely pray for you", said Caleb using his old cheesy and messed us pick-up lines. I stopped and roll my eyes.

"Wow Caleb, was that suppose to be another lame pick-up line, or was it just you I your personality, which your not getting this", I said and pointed to my self. I continue to walk to my table, I saw Leah there eating.

"Hey do you mind if a new kid comes to our table?", I asked.

"You mean Marcel, the nerdy dude that everyone keeps talking about, well I don't give a shit who sit with us, so yeah I guess", it's true she doesn't really care what people think of her, she not self-concious, she doesn't have insecurities, I mean she is flawless and b-e-a-utiful, she has sandy blonde hair that the ends are a little but of brunette. She has little freckled on top of her cheek bones, and she has the most beautiful chestnut eyes. Even though she is a Tomboy and she hates the word beautiful she like the word cool. 

As I saw Marcel, walking looking for a table, but most of the people blocked a spot cause they don't want him to sit next to them. Sometimes these students are kinda cruel. Marcel came up to us.

"D-d-do you mind if I can s-s-sit next to you?", he stuttered he so cute when he stutters. I giggled.

"Of course silly, I mean you are new here so you can sit next to us", he smiled and sat down.

"Oh Marcel this is my best friend, Leah Tailors, and Leah you already know Marcel"

"Sup", she said.

"Nice to meet you"

"Well Marcel wanna tell us about yourself"

"Well I'm 18, I'm a buzz kill, I just read and do homework at home and work on extra credit and I never have fun, I always stay home and do something boring, I never have friends and in always bullied and I never have a single relationship with a pretty girl before", he said, you know I was kind of happy that he doesn't have a girlfriend right now, cause he seems a nice guy and a cute nerd. My dream guy is a guy who will be like 10 inch taller then me, with beautiful green eyes and brunette hair,whose sweet, funny, nice, and caring and he's all of it. As I snap out of my thoughts, I shook my head.

"Wow, well it's mine turn to tell you about myself"

///Marcel P.O.V.\\\
"I'm also 18, people call me Lu for short Im a girly-girl, sometimes a Tom-boy, sometimes in the weekends, I help my family with anything, my dad works in a pretty awesome business, he comes home late, he takes care of me and my brothers, my mother last away when I was 5, I work at Starbucks on Mondays,Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, I get 30$$ for three weeks, so it's not that bad, and on my day offs, I watch Toy Story,Finding Nemo, or Lilo and Stitch (sorry of I say Lilo and Stitch too much cause you know that it's my favorite Disney shows) something like that, I'm British, a quarter Mexican and a half American, and I don't have a boyfriend cause haven't found my dream boy yet", when she said she didn't have a boyfriend, I was totally happy inside. 

I'm so happy she single, maybe I can get a chance to speak with her or even ask her out. Marcel stop it, you guys are just friends, don't move it to fast, just wanna take it slow.

"Marcel hello??", she said waving in front of my face.

"Oh what sorry, what was that?"

"What class do you have next and after?", she asked me.

"I have History A1, with Mrs. Burns, and Musical A2 with Mr. Jazz"

"Awe Fuck! I have History A2 with Mr. Quinsy, but I do have Musical A2 with you and oh yeah, Leah has Mrs. Burns so she can take you there", She said, I smiled how she had the same classes as me, we have all the same classes together but except for History. Darn you history.

After lunch ended, Leah took me to Mrs. Burns class, as we got there talking and paper airplanes was flying everywhere. 

"Is this class always like this?", I asked Leah.

"Well before class starts yeah, but when that bell rings they all shut the fuck up and sit in their seats like their suppose too, cause Mrs.Burns is pretty strict, oh and you should go tell Mrs. burns who you are, she's pretty old like around her 30s", she said and walked to her desk, I walked up to the teacher, and she looked up.

"Hi I'm Marcel Styles I transfer here today"

"Ah the new student, you may sit wherever you like and make sure you sit in your desk on time before the bell rings"

"Yes ma'am", I said and walked to one of the empty desk. God! I wish Lu was here, cause I really need a friend right now, I decided I sit next to Leah, it wasn't in the back or in the front it was just the middle, kind of close to the back. As I pulls the chair, I went to sit on it, but when I tried to sit, I fell back and I heard laughing, I turn it was a guy with black hair laughing.

"Wow Matthew you such a retard", said Leah, I stood back up and took the seat and sit on it properly. As the bell ranged, everyone shut up and got to their seats like Leah told me. All we did was take noted and learn about the World War 2. 

*after class* 

*~*LuLu P.O.V.*~* 
Time passed around, and it History finally ended. I got up and gathered all my stuff and walked out of Mr. Quinsy classroom. Marcel history class is just right across from ours. As I waited for Marcel, he was the last one out of the room. 

"Hey, how was Mrs. Burns?", I asked.

"Good just talking about World War 2, how was yours?"

"Ah fine I guess, we were watching the video about the Declaration of Independence, so anyways, lets go to Music class, Mr. Jazz, he's really cool and pretty young, so lets go", as we walked in the class, I see him looking down at his notes.

"Hey Mr. Jazz", I said to home he turn and saw me.

"Hey Lu, what's tripping?", he's a pretty cool teacher, he likes to use slang words alot. 

"Nothing, just dropping the beat", I said inferring the music in the background.

"Anyways, we have a new student his name is Marcel, he transfer here so ease up a bit alight", I said.

"No problem, so Marcel I'm a pretty sick teacher, you can say anything slang words, or music beats, so you can sit down and we can start class, and oh I always give a nickname to my fellow students so how about Mars it's perfect", 

"Okay", he said.

"Well lets drop the beat and get going", he said and he walked to the stage, as Mr. Jazz pulled me back.

"Lu your in one of those trans"

"What? What are you talking about?"

"I saw you this morning and the way you stare at him, you found your dream guy"

"What? PSH no", I said, he looked at me with the I-Know-its-true look.

"Okay maybe I am, but I don't want to rush things"

"Well hurry up cause you need to drop the beat and keep moving your feet till you get there, cause the melody is in the air", when he said melody in the air he meant love. 

"Yeah right just want him t I get use to me that's all", I said and walked back, he is right, Marcel is my dream guy.
A/N: hey guys, did I tell you last Friday I went to a One Direction concert, cause sometimes I forget, well anyways my left ear died cause all the screaming girls. And I died inside that Niall looked at me when he was in the platform in the middle, he waved at me. I was fan girling inside so I jut stay calm and wave back at him. The girl next to me was pretty jealous that I got a wave from Niall, and it's TRUE! He did saw me and waved at me, but I didn't get a backstage pass which is pretty sad, but hey, it's alright, they make me happy when their in stage. So yeah. Bye.


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