New Boy In Town

"Hi my name is LuLu Ryan and you are?"
"Marcel Styles", Marcel Styles was a new boy in town, but he was now the biggest nerd in the school, he gets book drop, punch and kicked in the stomach, his life is living in hell, he have to move again, and into a new school, he always get bullied and push around. He doesn't understand why people have to be so cruel, and bitchy, then there was LuLu, the girl who save his life from bullying. LuLu decided to help him, and maybe change him into a different kind if person.


14. Louis

*~* LuLu P.O.V.*~* 

I worked up from the birds chirping, today is a lazy day Saturday but tonight is the night I have to go with my dad for his boss at the restaurant and Harry has to go to his job that he got. I decided to get ready since I start our work from the Nike store today at two.

I got up and went to my closet and grabbed the shirt I have to wear and threw it in my bed, I did my morning routine, I put on my shirt with a denim high waisted pants, I curled my hair and put mascara with a pencil black eye liner, I put on lipgloss, and looked at the time 12. I did wake up at 11:47 so I should just go to the mall since the Nike store is in the mall.

I grabbed my converse and put them on, I grabbed the key chain they have me and my phone, I walked out running downstairs and grabbing a bit out of an apple and walked out.

I drove to the mall, and parked the car, I stepped out and looked across the street and run before anyone can past by it run over me. 

I walked inside to the Nike store, and got there early.

"Ah LuLu there you are" my boss Tommy said.

"Sorry I'm here early"

"No it's okay that mean we can take your picture so follow me", he said, I did and he told me to stand right against the wall and snapped a photo.

"There now you can start helping people, and don't worry I have someone here to help you he is a nice lad and pretty funny Louis! I want you to meet someone!", he yelled and I saw a brunette boy around the same age with blue piercing eyes he saw me and jogged over to me.

"Yes Tom?"

"Meet the new girl, her name is LuLu Ryan"

"Hi my name is Louis Tomlinson, welcome aboard", he said with a smile, I scanned him quickly he had a tattoo on his arm and his chest.

"Nice to meet you too Louis", I said.

"Now help you around the costumers make her feel home", Tom said.

"Yes sir"

"Now I'm leaving you in good hands with this fellow companion here" 

"Okay", I said as he walked away.

"I will show you the routes so let's go", he said as we walked around ask showing me about the shoes I the back how organized it is to find it.

*after work* 

Work was pretty funny and hilarious cause of Louis, he makes me laugh when he cracked a couple of jokes, we get along just quite well. We were walking around the mall cause since our shift ended at the same time, I need to find a dress for tonight and he volunteer to help me.

We walked past this window and I stopped and looked, it was beautiful, this dress I liked.

"Louis, wait lets go in here", I said as we walked in, I looked at the dresses and it looks lovely till I saw the dress in the rack I grabbed it and looked at the size it was perfect. I took it and brought it to the dressing room.

I put it on and looked at the mirror, it was perfect, it goes to my mid-thigh, the bottom was white and have black birds patters on it and the top was black and strapless. I walked out and Louis was holding black pumps that goes with my dress. (Mumbles), I took it and smiled at him and put it on. 

"I like it, it looked beautiful just like you", I blushed and looked down.

"Thanks Louis for helping me with my shopping"

"No problem"

"I'm going to get this", I said as I walked back and changed, I hold the dress and walk out. I bought it and ride back home before I'm late.

I said bye to Louis and got to my car and before I drove off he tapped the window, I pressed the button and the windows rolled down.

"Hey maybe we can get each other number so we can talk?", I smiled and I gave him my phone number while he thanked me and asked away saying goodbye. I drove back home just in time, and run upstairs and changed into my dress. I cut out the tag, and put it on, I put in my shoes and left my hair down curl and added a headband around my head and did my make-up just like the other night with Harry...Harry! 

I totally forgot about Harry today I was hanging out with Louis too much and I guess I was just caught up laughing hysterically at his jokes  that made me forgot about my boyfriend.

I grabbed my phone and I saw one text message from Harry.

>Harry <3= hey babe, this is break time and just want to say I miss you and I love you<

>Me: hey Harry sorry I didn't rely to you I was busy in work and have to buy a dress for tonight with my dad boss love you too and miss you<

I replied quickly and I sighed and laid back on my bed, I heard a knock on my door.

"Come in"

"Hey dear ready to go?" My dad asked me.

"Yeah let's go", I said and got up grabbing my clutch and walking down seeing my brothers complaining about their ties how grown up looking they look, I rolled my eyes how immature they are.

We got into my dad limo, yeah don't ask why, the driver drove us to the restaurant that we were eating at. We walked inside and it was pretty fancy inside, but too bad of a place what this place called again whatever. 

The host took us to our table and we sat down waiting for my dad boss. As they arrived we were waiting for our waiter. 

"God our waiter is so slow", I said whispering to my brothers, I looked down at my menu. They laughed quietly.

"Sorry for the wait what can I get you?", I heard a quite familiar voice, I looked up and I dropped my jaw, it was Harry. I called my boyfriend slow, god I'm not getting better at this relationship thing.

"Harry?", I said.

"LuLu I didn't even know your coming", he said.

"Dear you know this boy"

"Dad he's my boyfriend, Harry remember I talked about him during the table at dinner"

"I don't quite remember"

"Maybe cause your not always listening to me or even at home", I mumble the last part.

"What was that?"


"Can I get you guys anything?"

"Water will be good", I said smiling at him.

"So you called your own boyfriend slow Lu", said Lewis, I stomped his foot under the table.


"Shut up little twit"

"LuLu, Lewis! Where's your manner!", my dad yelled.

"Sorry..." We said I looked at Harry and he was quite amuse about my family, and trying to hold in his laughs.

"Okay I will get you guys your drinks be right back", he said and walked away. I looked down once again then heard another familiar voice.

"Lulu.." I looked up and saw Louis.

"Louis? What are you doing here?"

"I was going to ask the same, I'm here cause me and my family decided to go out"

"That's nice"

"Rocking the dress that you tried on", he said.


"Ohh another boy Lu", Lewis said and I stomped his foot.

"Oww! Okay okay", I stood up and hugged him, he tighten the hug around my waist and I laid my head in his shoulder till we heard a cough, we pulled away by Harry standing there with waters.

"Louis this is Harry, my boyfriend, and Harry this is Louis my co-worker from work", he scanned Louis.. This is going to be a long night.
Sorry if it sucks. 

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