New Boy In Town

"Hi my name is LuLu Ryan and you are?"
"Marcel Styles", Marcel Styles was a new boy in town, but he was now the biggest nerd in the school, he gets book drop, punch and kicked in the stomach, his life is living in hell, he have to move again, and into a new school, he always get bullied and push around. He doesn't understand why people have to be so cruel, and bitchy, then there was LuLu, the girl who save his life from bullying. LuLu decided to help him, and maybe change him into a different kind if person.


9. Can This Day Get Any Worse!?!

*~* LuLu P.O.V. *~* 

 The sun peaked out through my window, it was super bright morning, I sat up, and it's only a Thursday. I sighed. I got up and walked to my bathroom, I closed the door and locked the door. I washed my face first then, brushed my teeth. After that, I stripped down my clothes and stepped in the shower. I washed my hair and my body, I stepped out the shower, and wrapped my bath robe around myself. I wrapped my hair in the towel and grabbed my clothes. I unlocked the door, and went to my bedroom. I threw it in my laundry basket. I walk towards my closet and I was feeling shorts and shirt today. So I grabbed my denim shorts with little tears on it. I grabbed my batman white-shirt with the sleeves cut off, I grabbed my bra, bandeau, and my panties.I took off my robe and I slipped them on and put my clothes on. I tucked in my shirt and I unwrapped the towel in my hair and I walked back to the bathroom and dried my hair. It went back to the waviness and the little curls of my hair. I tied my hair into a pony tail. I applied mascara, little bit of eyeliner and pink-nude lipstick. 

I walked out, I grabbed my ray-bans, my car keys, and my phone. I walked out, and walked to my dad room.

"Dad?", I said and I open the door peaked my head through. The bed was nicely fixed. He's work. He is at Walsall Wood, pretty far away from home. I sighed and walked out. Can this get any worse then seeing that my father never is around every morning? I thought to myself. I walked back out, and went downstairs, I'm just going to eat a banana on the way to school.

I walked in to the kitchen, and grabbed a banana from the fruit basket. I peeled off the peel. I threw it away in the trash bag. I took a bit and walked out, I swing my keys around my finger. 

"BOYS TIME TO GO!" I yelled.

"Okay okay", said Dante walking down. We walked out the house and I locked the door. We walked to my car and got inside. 

I drove o the road and took them to school. After all the dropping off I drove to school. I parked in the parking lot and guy out. I locked the door. I saw Leah in the front listening to music on. Her iPod nano. She was dancing along. As I stood in front of her she stopped and unplugged her earphones. I chuckled.

"Nice dancing Lea"

"Thanks, you okay?", she said, she knows when something wrong or not by my eyes. She can read me like a book.

"I'm fine"

"No your boy that's the eyes of I-just-want-to-get-this-day-over-with glare in your eyes", I sighed and it's true I did want to get this day over with.

"Is it your dad again?", she said, I nodded.

"Awe LuLu, it's okay, soon he will be around I know it"

"Yeah you wish, he's not like the other dad, he never goes to my concerts for music class, never been to my 8th grade promotion, or even at dinner with my brothers, I'm always there no matter what, but he just never there, he was there yesterday, but then left again"

"Well, that's the part of life isn't it"

"Yeah, I just want school to start", I said walking in the school.

///Marcel P.O.V.\\\
I was on the bus for school, as It went to the school I got off. I was about to walk inside to see LuLu, until this girl came walking towards me.

"Hi my name is Emile Johnson, are you new here", she look nice., she has long dirty blonde and chestnut eyes. 

"In just couple days ago" 

"Oh I was absent couple days ago so I didn't know, well I will give you tip about...LuLu", she said, I was confused.

"She was so mean on middle school, she was popular and stuck up, but now she acted like a miss goodie-goodie but really, she not, she just want attention so she can be popular. Like I was new just like you, and she welcomed me and be my 'friend' and about 4 weeks, she told me to get lost, so you better watch out, LuLu is not what you think", what? LuLu just pretend be my friend so she can get more popular. She lied to me that she wore glasses in 6th grade, but I saw her wear glasses in her room when we hanged out. 

"Really? She told me she wore glasses when she was in middle school?"

"She does say the every time, did you hang out with her at her house?", she asked me.

"Yeah I did"

"Did she wear glasses?"

"Pretty much yeah"

"Then she just make fun of you, but really she hates wearing glasses that's why she never wears them in school, cause she doesn't want to be a nerd, cause that will make her less popular"

"Thanks for the info, now I'm pretty sure I'm staying away from her"

"Your welcome", she said and walked away.

"Oh and by the way, her and Caleb are in a secret relationship, and they always go behind your back and say that how nerdy you look"

"Thanks", I said so mad. I walked in the school, and I didn't care how many eyes landed on me I was mad at LuLu.

*~* LuLu P.O.V.*~*
"Should you tell Marcel about Emile Johnson? How she wants to take away your popular so she can be more popular?"

"Oh yeah thanks, she lies to everyone whose new, one the she old this poor girl that I always think that her mum raised her in a barn full of cows, and pigs", as I saw Marcel coming, I slammed my locker.

"Marcel!", I yelled running up to him.

"Marcel I need to tell to you abo--"

"Save it LuLu! I know what Emile told me, and I am disgusted how your life is pretty fucked up your nothing but a lying retarded girl!!! No wonder your father left you!", he said pretty harsh, Emile told him, but right now what he said was true not the part where Emile lied, I meant the part where my fucked up life and my father leaving me.

"I-I-I--", I said no words coming out.

"Well if y-y-you think that way, then fine, my life is pretty fucked up then, and I-I-I have to go now tell Mr. Jazz in not be able to make it today, and I guess we're not friends anymore", I said with my words coming up, running out crying, I can't go to school, I don't care how I look with everyone staring at me. I got in my car and drove home.

///Marcel P.O.V.\\\
"Well if y-y-you think that way, then fine, my life is pretty fucked up then, and I-I-I have to go now tell Mr. Jazz in not be able to make it today, and I guess we're not friends anymore", she said running out, okay maybe I didn't meant to say that her life was pretty fucked up and the part where her dad left her, that wasn't suppose to come out. It slipped out, but I felt guilty hurting her.

"What the hell is your problem Marcel?!", Leah yelled at me.


"She was going to say don't listen to Emile Johnson, she lies to the new people, so she can be popular more then LuLu, and what exactly did she tell you?"

"How LuLu wanted to be more popular by acting nice and everything, and how she makes fun of people who wears glasses by wearing fake glasses?"

"That not even fucking true! That's Emile, she wanted to be more popular by acting nice and how she makes fun of people who wears glasses by making fun if them by wearing fake glasses, look Marcel, here's the real truth, Emile was the one who keeps LuLu putting her head down. Lulu wear glasses so she can read, and the reason why she's popular, she so nice to everyone, complimenting them, and everything"

"How do I know is the truth?"

"Look Marcel, you don't believe me, why don't you got to Emile?"

"I will! And I don't need you guys"

"Fine, then I guess we're not eve friends, but don't go walking up to me or LuLu, obviously she doesn't want I talk to you anymore", she said and walked away. I will show her that Emile is nice then Lulu. 

*at lunch* 
As I walked from lunch I saw Leah, listening to music and when she saw me she file he her eyes and just turn the other way. I don't need her and LuLu. I walked sup to Emile and her friends when she was laughing it off with her friends. 

"Hey Emile", I said. She stop and looked at me and smiled.

"Hey Marcel please sit down with us, these are the people who got made fun of LuLu", she said as I say down. I looked at Leah, and she rolled her eyes and got up and left. I knew Leah, was wrong. Emile wasn't that bad.

*~*Back to LuLu P.O.V.*~* 
I was crying in the corner of my room. I guess I'm not good enough for him. I couldn't control of my body, I walked to my bathroom, and grabbed a razor. I haven't done this in 6th grade with Emile problem. As I run my finger along with the glade and I smile on my face. Sometimes when I'm feeling sad, and fucked up, I will go mental. I grabbed it and I examined it. 

"Here's for you Marcel, just two cuts all I need"

"But before I could do anything, There were voice on my mind, I forgot what it called, like those good mind and bad mind on my shoulders"

{• means the bad side ^^ means good}

•well what you waiting for, your life is pain isn't, so run that thing across your wrist

^^LuLu no! You really want to do that cause of a boy yelled at you

•LuLu just two little cuts is all you need.

^^ LuLu, don't! this is not how you want to be

•don't listen to her! Everyone thinks your worthless, nothing but a good gold digger

^^ Lu don't listen to her, she nothing but trouble and Taylor Swift


^^oh nothing

•come on, look at the razor, how cold it looks wanting it to be in that warm skin and blood of yours.

I looked at it, it was cold, I put it close to my wrist.

^^ don't do it!

•do it!

^^don't do it!

•do it.

"I'm sorry", I said and cut it along my skin, I screamed, and I did it again, and I threw it on the floor. I was getting weak. And I fell on the floor. I was getting tired, but I grabbed a rag, and I damped it and wrapped it around my wrist. I lean against my wall. I sighed I just have to ask that the day has to get worse.
 sorry I didn't update this, I have orientation for High school. Ugh school next week :( not excited.

~^~* Hallie ^~*


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