New Boy In Town

"Hi my name is LuLu Ryan and you are?"
"Marcel Styles", Marcel Styles was a new boy in town, but he was now the biggest nerd in the school, he gets book drop, punch and kicked in the stomach, his life is living in hell, he have to move again, and into a new school, he always get bullied and push around. He doesn't understand why people have to be so cruel, and bitchy, then there was LuLu, the girl who save his life from bullying. LuLu decided to help him, and maybe change him into a different kind if person.


12. Baby Come Back

*~* LuLu's P.O.V. *~*

"Congratulation Ms. Ryan you got the job", said the boss in the Nike Outlet store.

"Really? Thank you so much", I said.

"No problem, you start every Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays, you will start tomorrow at 2 to 5, here's your shirt and you can wear any pants to go with it, and here's your key chains, and we will take your I.D. Picture tomorrow", he handing me a shirt and keychains.

"Thank you sir"

"Please call me Tommy"

"Okay, bye Tommy", I shook his hands and walked out, I can't believe I got the job. Now I can get my mind off of things.

///Marcel P.O.V.\\\
     I run inside my flat, furiously, ignore my parents and run to my room. I knocked anything, frames lamp, I was so angry. Totally forgot I wasn't me again. I sat on my bed, with my face buried to my palms. I heard a knock on my door, I looked up it was my sister Gemma and Julie.

"Hey Bro what's the matter? You run in here angry, like it was your old self", said Julie as they sat next to me on each side.

"I was acting like myself after school"

"What happen?"

"Well this girl, Emile lied to me for being my friend and lied about LuLu, I accidentally said to her yesterday that how fucked up she is and no wonder her dad leaves her, which it hurts her feelings and today at music class she won't even talk to me and always assume that every time I want to do something I have to do it with Emile, then this guy told a lie to LuLu that I like Emile  and Lulu is staying away from me and I punch the guy on the lips today after school"

"Well Harry, violence is not the answer you have to go up to LuLu and apologize"

"I can't she won't talk to me"

"She doesn't want to talk to Marcel, but maybe she will talk to Harry", Julie said. I sighed looking at the mirror, I wasn't looking like Marcel, my glasses are crooked and my hair is getting it to it's natural curls.

"Okay but Im going to change now to tomorrow I have to be at dad restaurant", They left leaving me I change, I went to my closet and grabbed gray sweatpants and white T-shirt, I took off my glasses and added contacts that I got, I ruffled my curly hair and it went back to the hair It used to be. I looked at the mirror. I was the old me now, I sighed and laid I my bed looking at the ceiling.

*~* LuLu P.O.V. *~* 

I was cooking dinner for my brothers since my dad is not here to help me out, instead it was Leah who was helping me. 

"Thank you Leah for helping me with dinner tonight"

"Hey that what best friends are for, and maybe on Sunday we can go to the mall for shopping"

"Sorry I couldn't make it to your skateboard competition since I just got fired from Starbucks from closing down, and now I work for Nike Outlet store and going to dinner for my dad boss at a snazzy restaurant"

"It's alright, 


"Hey LuLu, maybe you should talk to Marcel?"

"Why should I? He obviously likes Emile"

"LuLu when you ran out, I saw Marcel punching Caleb on the lip after school"

"Probably Caleb is flirting with Emile"

"No he was mad cause he wants to protect you, no matter what he be through you were there to protect him and now it was his turn to protect you"

"Well he's really sweet but I don't need protection, I can take good care of myself", I said as the boys came down and started to eat. I sighed and started
To eat also.

Sorry for the long update, I just had school, and practice, ugh, school is boring!!! I hate having health I have to do projects. Not cool! Well hope you enjoy and I decided to make Feeling The Opposite Again sequel right now!

~*~* Hallie*~*

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