Camp Hogwarts

I did a Percy Jackson, Harry Potter cross over.
It is about a young girl who goes to Camp Half Blood, and recives a letter from Hogwarts. She meets many new people, and they are fasanatied by her heratige. But when mysterios thingss start happening at Hagwarts, will magic and demigod together even be a match for it?


3. The truth

I arrived at Camp Half Blood a couple minutes later. Percy ran to greet me and I saw Annabeth right behind him. 

"Hay Alice!" Percy said with a smile. I couldn't help smiling too until I saw Chiron. He was looking at me with something like pain or remorse like he was at a funeral.  I pushed past Percy. 

"Um, Chiron?" I asked and Chiron flinched. His horse tail flirted like it did when he gets nervous. 

" I want to ask you something." I said. He sighed and cleared his throat. 

"Very well." He said. "We'll speak in the big house." He said and lead me to the big house. Percy looked at me like, what was that about? I shrugged and Chiron lead me I to the house. I sat down and Chiron poured lemonade. His hands shook a little as he gave me the glass. 

"So I'm guessing you already know about the letter?" I asked. Chiron sighed

"Yes. I do."

I handed the letter to him and he opened it. When he finished reading it, he sighed and said "I feared as much. Hogwarts wants you to come to school there."

"okay, slow down." I said. " whats a Hogwarts?" Chiron cracked a smile. 

"Hogwarts is a school for children with let's say gifts with magic."

"but I'm not magic." I argued. "If anybody's magic, it's the Hecrete's kids. I mean, she is the goddess of magic."

"Yes, but they are not magic. You are magic. Your mother was a witch at Hogwarts."

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