Camp Hogwarts

I did a Percy Jackson, Harry Potter cross over.
It is about a young girl who goes to Camp Half Blood, and recives a letter from Hogwarts. She meets many new people, and they are fasanatied by her heratige. But when mysterios thingss start happening at Hagwarts, will magic and demigod together even be a match for it?


2. Nightmares

 My dreams were nightmares like always. I dremt of a winding staircase. I willed myself to go forward. I saw a man and a woman talking. "-have no choice!" The man argued.

"Harry," the woman said I stiffleled my laghter. Harry? I thought. "You know why, it is forbidden."

"Its the only way."Harry said pleadingly. The woman sighed.

"Fine," she agred, "i'll send the letter."

"Thank you." Harry said and the dream started to fade. Send what? I wondered.

"Alice," my mom woke me up. I groaned and rolled over, "Time for camp!" She said and I remembered my dream from last night. I jumped up, ate a quick breakfast and ran acoss Long Beach with the letter in my pocket and ram to Camp Half Blood, my favorite place in the world.

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