Camp Hogwarts

I did a Percy Jackson, Harry Potter cross over.
It is about a young girl who goes to Camp Half Blood, and recives a letter from Hogwarts. She meets many new people, and they are fasanatied by her heratige. But when mysterios thingss start happening at Hagwarts, will magic and demigod together even be a match for it?


1. The Letter

 "O goddess exept my offering." I said and tossed a golden drachma into the fine mist. "Show me Percy Jackson at Camp Half-Blood." The air shimmered and I saw Percy's figure among the pegasi. "Percy!" I called. He turned around and his face lit up.

"Hay sis!" he called.Ya. That's me. Alice. 6th grader (Going into 7th, thank you very much) a Half Blood. And oh ya. Percy Jackson's half sister. "So Alie," I rolled my eyes. He knows I hate that nickname. "When are you coming back?"

"Tomarrow." I replied. "Don't worry. You'll only have to deal with those stupid pegusis for one more day." He laughed. Huh? I heard in my mind. You mean we're stupid?! Blackjack whinned in outrage

"I wa kidding Blackjack, shese." I said. Blackjack whinned. "Someone's coming." I whispered "I'll see you tomarrow. Bye." I said and waved my hand and cut the connection as someone came running in my room.

"You ready for the last day of school?" My friend asked as she walked into my room.

"Ya." I said as I grabbed my school stuff and ran out with her. As we walked, I kept my hand on my best weapon. A silver coin with a trident on on, and an anchor. It probaly seems like nothing, but when I flip it, and it lands on the trident, it turns into a trident. If it lands on the anchor, it turns into a knife. I know. Cool right. The school day passed uneventfuly. Which was kinda strange. I walked home. As I walked along Long Beach, I waded into the water. I felt a surge of energy and thought maybe just a short swim? My mom called me and I sighed and walked across the beach to our house. Ya. We live on the beach. I went inside and sat on my bed to do my homework until I heard a sharp, "TAP, TAP, TAP." On my window. I took my coin out and flipped it. I turned into a knife, and I slowly opened the window. An owl flew into the room, dropping a letter on my bed and flying out. I slowly picked it up and read the envolope. .

Alice Jacel Moorwood

Long Beach

I opened it and read it. Or tried to read it. Stupid dyslexia.

 Dear Ms. Moorwood,

We are pledsea to inforam you that you are eccxepted into Hoogwats scohol of Wtichcaft and Werzerdry. Wait... That was my dyslexia. Sorry. After about an hour, I finnaly decided it said

Dear Ms. Moorwood,

We are pleased to inform you that you are exepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizerdry. Term begans September 1st.

Advanced Notice was at the bottom in dark red ink. I thought about this for a little bit. Sure wierd things happen to demigods, but still... I decided I'll ask Chiron in the morning. I decided to go to bed early, and I fell asleep.




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