Space camp


It was a normal summer day and Liam and I went to get some Starbucks. I found a table while he went to put in our orders. Once they were in, we chatted and then our names were called. I went to pick them up from the counter and then I recognized those eyes.
One Direction is not a band and Liam and Niall are not famous.


1. Space Camp

Lexi’s POV

               Space camp. June 4, 2005. My name is Alexandra Dupre. People call me Lexi.

I am 9 years old. I live in America. Montana to be exact.

My mom sent me to this stupid International Space Camp and I had no friends there.

“Alexandra Dupre room 256”, they called. Well here goes nothing.

  I walked into my room and 2 brown headed boys were sitting on the other two beds.


 GREAT! I am the only girl. “I am Liam”, the chubby one said. “And I am Niall”, the other one said.


 “Well my name is Alexandra, but y’all can call me Lexi.


 That was the beginning of the best friendship in the world.


***********hey guyyyyss sorry for the short chapter!

my name is Julia and I will try to post as much as I can.

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