Space camp


It was a normal summer day and Liam and I went to get some Starbucks. I found a table while he went to put in our orders. Once they were in, we chatted and then our names were called. I went to pick them up from the counter and then I recognized those eyes.
One Direction is not a band and Liam and Niall are not famous.


2. catching up

Niall’s POV

               When I first met Lexi I instantly fell in love with her. She was so sporty and like one of the guys. She was also beautiful. Space camp was the best summer I ever had, and it ended way too soon.


 Liam lived in London, I lived in Ireland and Lexi lived in America. So we realized that we would probably never see each other again.


 It has been about a year and a half since space camp and I still write letters to Liam, but I haven’t kept in touch with Lexi.

                 My mom told me a week ago that we are going to London because she might have found a doctor that could cure her for good. My mom, Maura, has had liver cancer since she was 27.


We have moved in and out of different countries about 5 times for different doctors. They have all been cons, but she is convinced that this one is real. We are only there for about 1 week at a time because we find out right at the beginning that it is fake.


 This time it seemed to be real because when we showed up they took her in and started treating her. They told my mom they would have to find a residence for me because this treatment will take months. We didn’t know what to do because it was only me and my mom and I was only 10 years old.


 At that moment I remembered that my friend Liam Payne from space camp lived in London. I gave him a call and his parents agreed for me to live with them and after that we were inseparable.


After a few months of my mom’s treatment, right when everything was going well, she died. It seemed like my life was going to end.


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