First Love

Why does he always stare at me?
when he does i feel like we are the only two people in school but does he really like me ? or does he stare past me and see someone else?

I just Like him so much...

Zoe is just one of your normal school girls but she really likes a mysterious guy yes you guessed it Harry styles hes one normal guy. what will make them end up talking to each other will he end up ever feeling the same or is he just another one of those normal guys.

(This story is when harry wasn't famous)


1. If only he knew

Waking up to an alarm would have to be the most annoying sound in the world, i'm that type of person who likes to sleep in and yes i really do hate school. I got out of bed and went to have get dressed i opened the door to my walk in wardrobe and looked at myself in the huge mirror on the wall. 

My name is Zoe Lee and i'm 18 years old i have long brown wavy hair the type that just about reaches your bum, i have big brown eyes and i'm 165cm in height and i have a small figure and big boobs. It's just me and my 3 year old sister Heidi. our parents died in a car accident last year i'm slowly getting over it but i was lucky enough to have the house left for me and my sister it was hard looking after her but im 18 so im allowed to look after her. 

I looked through all my clothes trying to fond something to wear i ended up with some light denim ripped jeans and a black baggy long sleeve top with a white cross on it i put some socks on and decided is wear my black converse.

I went and got Heidi up and dressed then we wandered downstairs to get some breakfast i grabbed Heidi's cereal down and put some in a bowl with milk then i got my own cereal and did the same we sat there eating while Heidi was telling me what she was going to do today, she was so gorgeous we looked really alike but her hair was just 2 shades lighter than mine. 

After breakfast we went back upstairs and i did my Make-up hair and cleaned my teeth Heidi cleaned her teeth then i did her hair up into a pony tail, we then grabbed our bags and went downstairs i stuck her lunch into her bag then she went and watched TV while i organised my bag i grabbed my wallet and phone then Told Heidi it was time to go.

We walked out the door and i put Heidi into her seat buckled it up then got into the drivers seat i was lucky to have a car it was dad's Camaro that i got. I put the key in the ignition and drove to Heidi's Kindergarten and took her inside she gave me a kiss and a hug goodbye before running off to her friend Sadie, i got back into my car and left for school.

When i got to school my best-friend Nicole was waiting in the parking lot for me with her boyfriend Logan, they were in that real lovey dovey stage sorta made me sick some times nut they were a really cute couple i had to admit that i parked up besides Logan's Ute and got out. 

"hey girl" Nicole said giving me a hug "hey" i said hugging back "hey Logan" i said giving him a hi five, "hiya" he replied back, just then a car pulled up besides mine and they i liked got out his name was Harry. He was wearing tight black jeans a black top brown boots and black sunglasses he was so hot i just wanted to say hi but he wouldn't know who i was im just invisible to him. 

"why don't you just say hi" Nicole said staring at me her and Logan both knew i really liked him even though we had never talked before like ever. "because im to chicken and he will think im weird" "well you never know ok" "yeah well i'd never have a chance". "Don't say that because everyone has a chance ok" 

Nicole always knew what to say to cheer me up the bell rung so me and Nicole said bye to Logan and went to our first class together which was dance the problem with dance was that Harry is in that class.  

we got in and changed and me and Nicole got to warm the class up which was always fun, we danced around the room jogging, running, walking, skipping, leaping and jumping around. 

The teacher then stuck us into pairs luckily me and Nicole were put together and not with Harry, our task was that we had to pick a song and make a 2 minute choreography to it we had no idea what we were going to pick. we ended up choosing 'closer by Ne-yo' only because we had already made a dance to it a while back. 

I plugged my iPhone in to the speakers and we started to dance after about 30 minutes of practicing we had to all show the class i was nervous because Harry was starring at me the whole time when we were finished everyone clapped, i was happy that it was finally over the teacher said remember that we have Vast dance was in 2 months and she was going to pick one girl and one boy to perform together. 

I was really excited because i loved performing with other people, but i also really loved dancing and showing my skills to people. we got dressed and left for our next class which was photography Nicole and I had all of our classes together which was really cool, when we got to class we grabbed a camera and went outside. 

The task me and Nicole chose was the elements of the earth, so we had to take pictures of nature and things that were made from the earth. We ended up taking selfies half way through but we deleted them straight after. 

The bell finally rang to say it was break time Nicole and i left the class to find Logan he was outside on the field waiting for us, as i sat down i noticed a group of guys playing football on the other side of the field i  then noticed that harry was one of them. 

I grabbed my camera out of it's case and took pictures of him he wouldn't of noticed me anyway because we were seated so far away, i zoomed up on him camera had amazing zoom on it. Harry was wearing red and white shorts and a top that matched he looked so good in that out fit If only he knew. 

The day went by pretty quickly after break we had English then Maths. After maths was Lunch that went by quickly as well then we had History talk about boring we were learning about the wars that went on many years ago i just about fell asleep on Nicole's shoulder until the teacher snapped me out of it then we were finally able to go home. 

I walked over to my car and got in noticing that harry's car was already gone i got in my car and drove and picked Heidi up then drove home, when we got home Heidi went and watched TV, i went and got my laptop then decided to go on Facebook. i was looking through the news feed when a friend request popped up in the left had corner i opened the tab up and there it said "friend request from:Harry Styles" my mouth dropped open i couldn't believe it.

I didn't know weather to accept it or not so i mailed Nicole and asked what i should do. 

To Nick: OH MY GOD HARRY just asked me to be his friend on FB what should i do help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

To Zoe: Holy shit BALLS this is amazing accept it ok it would be rude not to :) plus he might want to talk to you ZO do it if you don't i'll hack your account and do it for you :P 

I went back to my friend requests and clicked accept then mailed Nicole back. 

To Nick: I accepted it :/ omg so nervous haha 

To Zoe: nawwh you do girl well i need to go so see ya at school tomorrow ok :) 

To Nick: sure thing and thanks see ya !!! 

I thought i should look through Harry's pictures and info to see if he has a girlfriend that i don't know about, when i was done i found out that he has no girlfriend or pictures with girls either what a relief to know that. 

It was getting late so i bought my laptop in to the kitchen to listen to music while i cooked dinner. As i was cooking tea i forgot that i hadn't logged out of Facebook so the 'ding' noise went off when a message came through, i opened it up and it was from Harry. 

To Zoe: Hey um i just wanted to say that your dance today was really good :) 

i stood there shocked i had no idea what to write back  

To Harry: hey oh thanks heaps i thought it was lame ha ha 

To Zoe: NO WAY!!! it was cool i really liked it i hope you get into the comp 

To Harry: oh thanks yea i hope so to and i really liked your dance that you did :) 

To Zoe: ha ha thanks babe well i need to go mums yelling at me ha ha see you in dance tomorrow xx 

I swear i died and came back to life Harry styles just called me babe and put 2 xz on the end i quickly replied smiling like a dick. 

To Harry: ha ha sure thing cya xx

I couldn't believe i just had a convo on FB with him i logged off of Facebook then carried on with dinner, when it was finally cooked i dished it up then yelled to Heidi that i was ready she washed her hands then sat up at the table with me. "so how was your day" i asked her smiling "it was good we did heaps of drawings and painted heaps and played outside with the toys" "oh that's cool so you had a good day then bub" Heidi nodded then ate her dinner. 

After we finished Heidi went into the lounge to play with her toy's i cleaned the kitchen up then did the dishes, when i was done i sat down and watched some TV it was getting late and i realized Heidi had fallen asleep on the couch next to me. I quietly turned the TV off then picked her up and carried her to her bed. 

I layed her down and tucked her under the covers i kissed her on the fore head whispering "i love you bub" and went out of her room and into my own i got into my PJ's and brushed my teeth then got into bed today was a good day Harry had finally talked to me the day just went well i couldn't wait for tomorrow.

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