First Love

Why does he always stare at me?
when he does i feel like we are the only two people in school but does he really like me ? or does he stare past me and see someone else?

I just Like him so much...

Zoe is just one of your normal school girls but she really likes a mysterious guy yes you guessed it Harry styles hes one normal guy. what will make them end up talking to each other will he end up ever feeling the same or is he just another one of those normal guys.

(This story is when harry wasn't famous)


3. Day at the beach with Harry

Harry's P.O.V

I was happy that Zoe agreed on coming out with me today plus she was bringing Heidi, I've always liked Zoe but never had the guts to ask her out  she was beyond beautiful and i was just plain old me. I've known her for ages we have been going to the same school since we were 5 but i felt like she always has wanted to just be friends, but yesterday when we danced together it was incredible the way our bodies moved together in sync it was truly amazing. 

I got out of bed and got ready to pick Zoe and Heidi up, i got changed into my swimming shorts and i put a plain white tee-shirt on i put some white vans on to match my top. i went down stairs and made breakfast my parents were already out at work i hated living here mum and dad always were onto me about school and life i hated it i just wanted to get out of this place. 

Zoe's P.O.V 

I woke up to Heidi crying, i got out of bed and went into Heidi's room she had tears streaming down her face. "what's the matter baby girl" i said picking her up "me hungry" i laughed a bit because she must of been pretty hungry to start crying. "ok babe but we need to get you dressed first ok, and im taking you to the beach today as well would you like that?" Heidi just nodded.  

I got Heidi dressed into her swimmers and i put a little summer dress over top then packed some other clothes in one of her bags then got her beach toys and then we went downstairs, "Heidi did you want me to make you some pancakes" "yes pwese". I got out all the ingredients to make the pancakes then there was a knock at the door i looked at the clock it was only 10:30 i went to the door and unlocked it to see a bright eyed harry staring at me. 

"Harry what are you doing here it's not 11 yet" i said smiling "well i thought id come earlier ya know to hang out" "ok then come in i'm just making pancakes if you wanted some" "oh yum yes please" i laughed and led Harry into the kitchen he sat next to Heidi and she just sat there staring at him it was so funny. 

"hello Heidi" Harry said smiling at her Heidi had a frown on her face "what you doing here boy" she asked pointing at him that just made me and Harry laugh "is not funny" Heidi said looking at me. I just smiled and kissed her on her forehead "hey Zoe ill cook the pancakes and you can get ready if you want" i looked at Harry then smiled "ok sure um make sure Heidi stays in her seat ok i wont be long" i ran upstairs and got ready. 

I got dressed into a my bikini which was blue and white dip dyed then i decided to wear my matching blue and white dip dyed dress, i brushed my hair and lightly curled it i washed my face then applied only mascara and light eyeliner. i put some deodorant and perfume on then went back downstairs i could hear Heidi giggling away i crept down the stairs as quietly as i could. 

When i peeked around the corner i could see Harry was flipping the pancakes in the fry pan which was sending Heidi into fits of laughter she was sitting on the bench besides Harry as he was cooking it was so cute. Harry would make a pancake then ask Heidi to hold the plate up an d he would sit one on each plate they were working together like they had known each other forever, i came round the corner and went into the kitchen and gave Heidi a kiss on the head. 

"what ya doing baby girl" "i help harry wif food" she said then giggled when harry flipped another pancake up into the air "show off" i said laughing at Harry he just smiled and nodded, when he was finally done we sat at the table and ate Heidi ended up with maple syrup everywhere on her face she was having a blast we all just sort of sat there not saying much and just ate. 

When we were done I got up and put my plate in the sink i turned around to see Harry getting Heidi out of her seat then he walked away with her i followed to him to see what he was doing, i found him in the bathroom wiping Heidi's sticky hands and face she was laughing at Harry because he was making funny faces at her as he was wiping her face i turned away and went to wash the dishes. 

When i was finished Heidi and Harry came walking back in Heidi's face was completely clean and her hair was done as well. "look Zo Harry did my hair and helped me clean my teeth" my mouth dropped open man he was a massive help with Heidi he was so sweet "what's wrong" Harry said looking at me concerned. 

"oh no it's just nice to have someone that can get along with Heidi and do all that stuff it really means alot" "oh ha ha that's ok i have little 3 and 2 year old girl cousins so iv'e learnt from then what to do". "oh ha ha ok but seriously thank you it's nice to have a bit of help" "no problem we should get going ae" "yes sure ill just go brush my teeth and grab my bag and stuff then we can go". 

i ran up stairs brushed my teeth put some sun block in Heidi's bag then grabbed my phone and went downstairs. Harry already had Heidi in his car in her car seat he must of got it out of my car and put it in his i couldn't believe this guy he was so amazing. 

I got into Harry's car and he drove to the beach, when we arrived at the beach there wasn't that many people which was good i grabbed the stuff out of the boot of the car while harry was getting Heidi out she loved him now which was good. We set up our towels and umbrellas in the sun the weather was amazing.

Heidi and Harry were busy trying to make a sandcastle it was so cute i grabbed the camera out of my bag and started taking photos harry was smiling and Heidi was laughing a real picture perfect moment, Harry looked up and realized i was taking photos he ran up to me and grabbed my camera off me i had forgotten about the pictures i had taken of him the other day at school. 

"Harry give it back" i said looking at him he started to look through the photos, shit if he finds out he's going to think i'm a really creepy stalker then he's going to leave me and Heidi at the beach and drive off and fuck this is going to be bad. Harry walked back over to me and he was smiling.... wait why was he smiling.

"well looks like i have a cute little stalker aye" Harry said poking my ribs "Harry i can explain i know you think i'm really creepy but i really like you i have for a really long time and i couldn't help but take pictures of you, you'r so perfect and i'm really sorry". "hey hey no it's ok i don't think its creepy i think it's really cute and i think t's even cuter that you like me because i have liked you for a really long time as well i just never had the courage to confront you about it".

"wow i never really thought you would like me" "why not you're perfect in every way Zoe i wish i had told you sooner but now that i know will you be my girlfriend". I looked at Harry in his beautiful green eyes "yes harry a million times yes", Harry picked me up and spun me round when he set me on my feet he gave me a kiss which sent electric waves pulsing through my body it was purely amazing. 

Harry's P.O.V

when Zoe said yes i swear she made me the most happiest person in the world, i can finally call her mine and look after her oh i swear i could not stop smiling. "we should go see how Heidi is doing with the sandcastle" i said while picking up Zoe's hand and walked her over to where Heidi was happily playing. 

Zoe's P.O.V 

When Harry picked my hand up and lead me back to Heidi i couldn't stop smiling this was the best day yet i had a boyfriend who i knew would take care of me and i had an amazing little sister that i love so much the weather was perfect oh this day was amazing. "why you so happy" Heidi asked looking at me and Harry, "well baby girl Harry is my boyfriend now", she had a really confused look on her face she was so cute.

"does that mean we see him lots now" Heidi asked looking at us "well yes that means we can see him when ever we like" "yay" Heidi said jumping up and down, Harry laughed and hugged her oh so cute i took a picture of them hugging Harry looked up and smiled then took the camera off me and took pictures of me and Heidi together. 

We all ended up swimming together Heidi was put into her little flotation ring that she could sit in the water without sinking, she wasn't old enough to swim on her own plus she couldn't swim either. Heidi started to get hungry because she started to complain and keep asking for food Harry picked her up and took her to get her towel. 

He wrapped the towel around her then we decided to get food so Heidi wouldn't starve, we went to the cafe that was along the beach front it was nice in there, I ordered Heidi some chicken nuggets and chips I got a chicken wrap and Harry got a burger and chips we went and found a table then Harry left i was wondering what he was doing until he came back with a high chair for Heidi.

"aww thanks Harry" i said then gave him a kiss "no problem" he said then kissed me back "ewww yucky" Heidi said squealing me and Harry just laughed we sat down an talked while we waited for our food to come. When the food finally arrived we started eating i put some sauce on Heidi's plate which was a huge mistake she managed to get it every where. 

"Wow Heidi you sure do love sauce don't you" Harry said wiping her face with a napkin. Heidi nodded then went back to eating her food, lunch was so nice and tasted amazing after we finished we decided to go back home. We went and got all our stuff piled it in Harry's car and left back to mine. When we arrived back home i turned to see that Heidi had fallen asleep in her seat. 

"nawwh look at her Harry" i said in a whisper "she is so cute" Harry whispered back i grabbed my camera and took a quick snap of her sleeping, Harry quietly got out of the car and got Heidi out of her car seat and carried her inside i showed him up to her bedroom where he lay her down in her bed then we quietly exited the room hoping  to not wake her up.

"so what did you wanna do now since Heidi's in bed" Harry asked looking down at me kissing me nose i giggled and lead him to my room, "did you want to watch a movie or something i asked while he was looking around my room. "yeah sure" he said while opening up one of my draws and it had to be my undies and bra draw didn't it "ohhh" Harry said looking through it all, "oi you get out of there i quickly shut the draw while Harry went over to my DVD collection to choose something.

He ended up choosing "we're the millers" i did love that movie alot he stuck it in the DVD player and grabbed the remote for the T.V and DVD player he came and lay besides me on my bed, as the movie started we cuddled together it was nice to finally have a boyfriend. When the movie finished it was getting late it was a Saturday night but i didn't know what time Harry needed to be home so i thought i would ask him to stay the night. 

"Hey Harry what time do you need to be home" "um not sure why" "well i was thinking did you want to stay the night" Harry smiled at me then grabbed his phone out and dialed someone's number. "oh hey mum im going to stay at my new girlfriends house ok, uhh yes ok yes mum ok bye" "she said yes' "sweet" I gave Harry a kiss then went and checked on Heidi she was still asleep when i peeked through her door.

I lead Harry downstairs and we started to make dinner that's when i found out he was a really good cook. we ended up making some chicken dish that was served on rice as i was serving every ones dinner up Harry went upstairs to see id Heidi was awake, minutes later he came back downstairs with Heidi in his arms the were both talking to each other about there sandcastle they had made today.

Harry put Heidi in her high chair then sat next to her i gave every one their dinner and we talked and ate. It was nice having another person in the house i did miss mum and dad but life goes on everyday and it's a good life i'm happy Heidi's happy so every thing is good. "is harry staying the night" Heidi asked looking at me, "yes he is Heids is that ok" "yes then he can read me a story when i have to go to bed later". Harry laughed and said that it was ok with him that he reads her a story later on. 

Later that night Harry read Heidi a bed time story she really enjoyed it to, i left them to it then went to my room to wait for Harry to come back. when he came back in he was smiling from ear to ear, he came and sat on the bed next to me and we cuddled for a bit. 

Harry's P.O.V 

Reading Heidi the bed time story was great she was an amazing little girl who had the best big sister in the world. It must be hard for Zoe having to deal with everything going on around her, her mum and dad died and she isn't close with any other family members. 

After Heidi finally feel asleep i went in to Zoe's room she was laying in her bed so i decided to cuddle with her it was nice to be able to cuddle with someone else. Plus i really liked Zoe and she was perfect in every way possible, i hope i can spend the rest of my life with her. We ended up falling asleep while cuddling it was perfect in every way possible.









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