Tempara's Stand

*Third instalment of the Elevea Trilogy* With the King of Hinnid captured, the Prince on the run and the Lady of the Moor believed lost, the Queen is forced to relinquish power to save her people. All over Elevea battles are being lost as Nith takes back its long lost treasure. But the Elevean magic is growing out of control and not even Nith can match its power. With magic threatening everything, it will have to be decided: is this a battle of men or of the ultimate, dark powers ruling the earth?



IT TOOK ILIDH a short while to wake up the next morning, completely disorientated and confused, forgetting where she had arrived at and how she had been received. A few full minutes later the conversations from the previous night had been replayed in her head. The kind woman, Balovet, had already snuck into Ilidh’s tiny room that morning and lit a fire. As far as Ilidh was aware there was no one else inhabiting the couple of small rooms she had seen the previous night.

Ilidh was warm, rested and comfortable. She was hungry, but had been well fed the night before, something she had not had in weeks. She may be hungry on waking up, but nothing like the pain she had experienced before. Her limbs were still frail with fatigue as she tried to stretch them and wake herself up fully, but Ilidh was full of a sense on completion. She had made it. She was in Selkin Nith and in the palace.

That man named Amnigal. He had known her name. Ilidh had heard his voice many times before, his words. Ilidh had no idea how she would explain every strange occurrence in her short life to Balovet. Amnigal. Hadn’t that been the name of the young boy who had disappeared on the moor with her father? Ilidh knew little of Nith’s culture, but presumed it must be a common name, like Fascana, for instance, in Elevea, or Nastir.

But the man Amnigal was very familiar to Ilidh and somehow he knew all about her. It was as though she presumed the voice in her head not to be a real person, even though she had been following his directions from the day she fled from Hinnid on the other side of the mountains nearly a year ago. Ilidh had always been confused by the voice guiding her: it had changed within a few months, morphed into a man from that of a boy, yet it was obviously still the same person. To Ilidh it made sense just to presume therefore that the man was imaginary. However when he had strode into the room the night before ad exclaimed Ilidh’s name, there was absolutely no mistaking the voice. That was why Ilidh had been so shocked: she was still shocked that morning. But how else could Amnigal have known all about Ilidh? It had to be him.

Ilidh was now itching with curiosity. She knew she now had to talk to this Amnigal, find out about him and how he knew about her. He obviously held all the answers she was looking for: her destiny and her powers. The one thing Ilidh had struggled to remove her thoughts from was the constant idea that had haunted her about her powers from the first time she had heard Amnigal’s voice. Jovhulan.

Ilidh had not had an easy winter. After riding a short way to the edge of the moor in an eastern direction, Ilidh had hit the flatlands and farmland, with easy terrain, and she and Moss had reached the feet of the Selkin Mountains and very border to Elevea just before the worst of the winter, sheltered by the line of the Great Forest which covered the east half of the mountains. She had taken her risk in crossing them, being advised on the best way by a helpful local who had seen many people flee over them in the past few years.

Ilidh had very nearly perished on the mountains. She could shelter and find water well enough, but she had to find food and care for Moss. She had a little stashed with her for Moss which had quickly vanished and the hunger set in, followed by the cold. She had staggered to the peak of the mountains just after the first snowfall and discovered an incredible sight.

No one had ever warned or told Ilidh of the wall. It was as though no one knew it was there. Running along the line of peaks of the Selkin Mountains, it divided each peak into two halves: the Elevean and the Nithian. It was a tall and forbidding wall and Ilidh immediately hid herself from view on seeing it, sure that Nith would be guarding it.

Ilidh had no idea when the wall had been built or why. She observed it for a few days, spotting only a few guards and on the third day made a run for it, breaking her way straight through the base of the tower when she calculated the single guard to have walked further up on a patrol. She dragged her tired body and tried to lead Moss silently through the base of the wall. She was only just successful. A curious shout followed her as she ran from the stone on the other side as if the guard had thought he had seen something and was just checking.

And that was how Ilidh had come to Nith. Since doing so, she also had a lot more faith in her elder brother, Tidhlan. If Ilidh had managed to cross the mountains in the heart of winter with a horse, her tougher, more resourceful brother would easily have done so. Ilidh’s mother had also been right when she had said to Ilidh that they would know if Tidhlan were dead: just as Lastus said they could feel each other’s magic. But now Ilidh felt so disconnected from her home and previous life that nothing connected any more.

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