hunger games song parodies <3

hunger games song parodies xx please comment any improvementsxx


7. royals - knowones p.o.v

we only ever see the coal under ground

and we brake are picks on the hard chalk 

in the mines!

And im not proud of my address,

in a torn up district,

in panem!


And the capitol is like,

big hair, ball gowns,

never will you see them frown,

make up , diamonds,

they got the good life !

they don't care , as long as its not fair!


and we'll never live in the capitol (capitol)

we are stuck in our district

that kind of life just aint for us

we just don't like to make a fuss


we will never be rulers (rulers)

but thats okay with me

 baby ,ill just keep dreaming

till I can live that fantasy!






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