hunger games song parodies <3

hunger games song parodies xx please comment any improvementsxx


1. dynamite - katniss's p.o.v

We all came here to kill, kill, kill ,  kill,
Haymitch told me to hide  my skill, skill, skill , skill

without my bow what am I gonna do,  do , do,  do ?  

I do not have a clue, clue, clue, clue!




yeah, yeah

and it goes on and on and on,

and it goes on and on and on,



I throw my bow up in the air sometimes ,

saying hey yo,

 I'm going to kill kato!

I am going to win this thing and live my life,

saying hey yo,

peeta lets go !


cause we gonna rock this arena,

like no body ever seen ya,

and we going to light ,

 the whole of panem tonight!

if I told you once,

I'm going to tell you twice,

we are going to light,

the whole of panem tonight


A/N : the last paragraph was a bit rushed sorry!





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