Give Me Love

Lindsay Styles has always had a great relationship with her twin brother Harry Styles. She's a party go-er and gets in trouble all the time. When her and Harry go to college she meets a boy who is completely different then her. Will she change herself for him or will she keep going on with her bad ways?


2. College

The main office of South West College was covered in white and red tiles on the floor, all the hall lights newly replaced and bright, it smelled of new school supplies and bleach. A lot was running through my mind. I really needed to get my crap together or else I'll get no where in life. All I do is party and drink. I wish I was like Harry. He studied and always impressed mom. He was a straight A student and I got C's and D's. I was always a little jealous of Harry because mom was constantly bragging about Harry and how well he was in school and how he was the best soccer player on his team. 

The front desk was swarmed with new students and freshman. Harry and I pushed our way to the front. The woman standing at the desk was short with grey hair in a bun. She looked strict, uptight, and already stressed out by all the students asking for help. 

"Can I help you two?" She said sternly as she focused on Harry and I. 

"Yes. Uhm, I'm Harry and this is my sister Lindsay. Our last name is..."

"Styles?" The old woman cut Harry off as it seems like she had spent months memorizing 4,000 students names. Harry nodded and the lady handed Harry and I a piece of paper and a key. The key had a number on it and I'm guessing it's our dorm number. The piece of paper had our classes on it. I decided to major in English because it was the only thing I was ever good at. I started to walk away to find my dorm with my suitcase in hand but Harry stopped me.

"You're not gonna say bye to your brother?" He frowned. I laughed as I ran over and hugged him even though we both knew we would see each other a lot. 

After 10 minutes of walking, I finally found my dorm. I was shoving everything in one hand to get a hold of my key when the door suddenly opened. A girl smiled brightly at me her sparkling white teeth showing. 

"Hey I'm Kathryn! But you can call me Kat!" She kept smiling. I've never seen someone so happy in my entire life. She was tall, tan, with long blonde wavy hair and blue eyes. She looked like the definition of a beach bum. She quickly took my suitcase and placed it on my side of the room. Her bed had pink and blue sheets and her walls had pictures of boy bands that I have never heard of. 

"Who are they?" I asked. 

"You've never heard of them?!" She practically screams. I shake my head no and laugh.

"That's 5 Seconds of Summer!" She continued to say as I started to unpack my bags. 

"They are coming here for sometime to help the theatre department or whatever. But they are extremely hot. Whoever signed up for theatre is lucky!" She went on and on about this boy band until a knock at our door interrupted her. I walk to the door and see my curly headed brother standing there. Harry invites himself in and takes a look around the dorm. 

"Pretty nice." He compliments even though our dorm is a complete disaster at the moment. I saw Kat in the corner giving my curly haired, tattooed brother googly-eyes. 

"Hey Lynn, I forgot to tell you. My roommate wants to meet you. His name is Zayn. He saw the picture of you and I and said you were cute." Harry said while walking out of our dorm. 

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