Harry's girlfriend?

Dancer and model named Ava Nicole Green gets a call from Syco telling her they need to see her before she goes back to America. What will they tell her?


3. Wow. I can't believe this is happening to me.


Ava: Hey you called for me?

Oh my god that was such a lame thing to say! Why do I have to be so awkward!

Ava: I'm sorry that I'm looking like...this I just got done with dance and I got hungry so i went to Mcdonalds but they were taking too long so I just came here and i kind of got lost...What did you need?

Simon: Yes. My assistent(I'm a horrible speller) called you because. Well I want you to fake date Harry because the boys aren't getting much popularity since they went on their break. So do you accept?

Ava: Uhmm...I don't know. Is it alright with Harry?

Harry: Uh. I wanted to find a girl on my own. I hate when you guys do this! Seriously is there a part in our contract where you completely controlled our life?

Liam: Hazza calm down.

Simon: Sorry Harry but that's actually the contract summed up just with a lot of more words and it sounds more professional.

All of a sudden Harry got up and left. Well that is not what i expected. Do I smell bad or something.

Simon: What is your answer? Whatever it is Harry will have to deal with it.

Omg. my dream could come true with just a simple three letter word. But it doesn't seem like Harry would like it.

Simon: I will take that as a yes! Just sign right here and you can be on your way. Oh and by the way after your dance is over at the fair tomorrow you and Harry will be going on a date.

I just signed it since I was so confused as to what just happended little do I know my world was about to be changed.



(A/N Ok ok i know I haven't updated in three months but my laptop cord is messed up and right now it is taped up...like a lot. I know this is short but i will try to update more often. but i will promise that i will update a lot after Christmas because i'm getting a new laptop then lol. Thanks for reading!

love tabi)

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