Harry's girlfriend?

Dancer and model named Ava Nicole Green gets a call from Syco telling her they need to see her before she goes back to America. What will they tell her?


1. Oh my god!

" Good job everyone! I'll see you tomorrow" I told everyone. I just finished teaching my class the dance routine we were going to be doing at the fair tomorrow. I got all of my stuff and left the gym we were practicing in.

'Baby you light up my world like-'

"hello?" I said confused because I didn't recognize the number.

" Hello. Is this Ava?" They said.

" Yes and who is asking?" I answered.

" I am One Directions manager." I almost dropped my phone from excitement.

" Oh! Why are you calling me?" I asked trying to hold in my squeals.

" Could you come into the Syco building right now?"

" Yes!" I practically screamed.

"Ok well the address is ...(I don't know -.-)"

" Ok well I will come right now" I said. 

" Please be here in 10 minutes" they said. 

" Ok well bye see you in 10!" I said.

" Bye." Oh. My. God. Wait 10 minutes it takes 10 minutes to get to my apartment I won t be able to shower and I'm all sweaty from dancing for 5 hours! Oh we'll by the time your there it won't be noticeable.

(sorry it's short next chapter will be in Harry's pov)

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