Harry's girlfriend?

Dancer and model named Ava Nicole Green gets a call from Syco telling her they need to see her before she goes back to America. What will they tell her?


2. Chapter 2

Harry's pov


 Why are we here? I thought me an the boys were getting a break from this for a while.

" Hello boys I know what you're wondering! But I realized that since you've been on break for 2 weeks your not getting on tv or magazines anymore"

" And? This is our break with our family and friends and we just finished another world tour and a new album!" I said angrily. I was kind of rude but management had been getting on my nerves lately.

" I'll explain everything when Ava gets here."

" Who's Ava? And why is she going to be here?" Zayn said.

" You all will find out when she's here. No more talking!"

" Okay." Niall mumbled.

" Where is she it's been 20 minutes."

" Sorry I'm late there was traffic!" ? Said. I looked up to see the most beautiful girl in the whole world. This must be Ava. Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.


 Ava pov


 I got in my car and decided to stop at McDonald's and pick me up a happy meal. Don't judge me its good and cheap. I went through the drive thru to make it faster but there was a huge line. Oh well it will go by fast. I looked at my phone to see its been 5 minutes. Damn it! I'll just go and eat a lot when I get home. I was going to pull out when I saw how close I was to the other cars. Oh we'll Ava just wait for the people in front of you to go. You'll only be about 2 minutes late or something. I looked at my phone again to see its been 10 minutes. Oh my fucking god! I'm just going to pull out as carefully as I can. Fuck! I nipped the persons car in front of me. Just drive faster! Well that's a finger! 

" Nice I can do that too!" I say as I flip him the bird as I drive away. It's been 5 more minutes. It's going to take 5 minutes to get there. What if he's gone when I get there! What if I- you know what Ava just get there and deal with the consequences. As I pull up I suddenly get very nervous. I walk into the building and that's when I realize I'm still in my spandex and sports bra. Oh wow what a good first impression! Oh my gosh what am I going to say about being 10 minutes late! Oh sorry I just spent all day burning off calories just to gain them back by getting McDonald's but it wasn't really worth it because I didn't even get anything anyway sorry. That sounds good.

" Miss? Can I help you?" A girl at the front desk said.

" Uhm yes actually-"

" Do you happen to be Ava Nicole Green?" She said.

" Yes!" I said. 

" Oh go up to the 50th level they're waiting for you!" She said.

" Ok thanks!" I told her as I started walking to the elevator. Wow this elevators huge! Ok we'll just say there was traffic. The elevator dinged so I walked out and went into the door that was in front of me. 

" Sorry I was late there was traffic!" I practically screamed at him. Oh my god. One Direction is right in front of me-why is Harry staring at me like that? Is this one of those fan fictions where it's like love at first sight? I hope so ;).



 ( thanks for reading! I'll update on Sunday because I'm busy all weekend! Love you directioners! <3 also please like!!) 

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