Love And Hate

Love and hate... will they ever get along?

This poem is dedicated to a talented poet. I don't know him personally but I do know that he has a great deal of talent and I wrote this with him in mind. I guess it's cool to see people my own age taking to poetry as much as I do. Thanks, Writerman. This one's for you.


1. Love and Hate

Hate and love, love and hate

Two emotions, both sizably great

In an ongoing, eternal fight

Which will win? Which is a sin?

Which two powers is right?

But with yin comes yang

With black comes white

With wrong comes right

So would with love come hate?


Are they both necessary to life

For balance of misery and strife


Does there need to be both?


Love and hate, friends and foes

Felt from the head to toes

For hate is the black, love is white

One is wrong and one is right

But that's how it's meant to be

Hate and love, love and hate


Soft as a cloud yet sharp as a knife


Reluctant companions to life

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