Silent Changes

16 year old Amelia moves from Washington to Virginia, away from her boyfriend of 3 years, away from all her friends, away from the place where she grew up. after a few weeks of being in Virginia she starts experiencing some odd symptoms, such as memory loss, change in hair color, change in eye color, and some other pretty weird stuff. she has to solve the mystery before anything worse happens


3. the lake

the Lake:

They hiked through the woods for about ten minutes, Jackson picked out hiking sticks for them for the steep and rocky parts. When they reached the part that cut off they sat down for a rest.

“Okay, did you bring the flashlights?” Amelia asked

“duh.” Jackson replied, “That’s the reason that we never go down there, because its too dark! I also brought a knife and a gun for that noise we always hear back there.” He said it so casually, but Amelia could tell that he was scared inside, she was scared too, but Jackson being there helped a little. She looked up at the thick trees above that made it really dark in the woods, it was still bright out, but it seemed like night. “We better get going, if we want to find anything,” Jackson said, standing up. He held his hand out to Amelia to help her up.

They started walking into the left branch of the woods A little pang of fear ran through Amelia’s body, but she was also intrigued by the mystery of the woods. There were many stories that the Monroe family told about these woods, some they had made up, and some they had gotten from the previous owners of the house. The most famous story was about a young boy, well the grownups said he was a young boy, he was 19, he went down the trail and when he came back he told stories about a 8-9-20-6-3-10 foot monster (who’s height changes every time the story is told) that walked on all fours and had razor sharp teeth and 2 foot long claws on its hands and feet and had a tufts of hair all different shades of green all over his wrinkly, leathery skin. In his story the monster came up to him and acted friendly, it licked his hand and let the boy pet it, but as soon as the boy turned his back the monster scraped his claw across his back, he immediately stood up and started running, twisting and turning in hopes of losing the monster, but he could hear its feet pounding after him, as soon as he broke out of the thick part of the woods and into the light he turned around quickly and, although he could hear the monster pounding after him a few seconds ago, the monster was nowhere to be seen.  Some say that the boy wrote this story down in his journal and then bled to death from the scrape, others say that he told his family and the doctor while he was in the hospital, but later died of an infection, either way there is no proof, no journal, no hospital records, so now it’s just a tall tale, but who knows, it may have happened.  

They were walking along when suddenly Amelia tripped and fell, on the way down something sharp sliced her leg.

“Oh my Gosh!  Baby are you okay?!” Jackson said as he knelt next to her. Her leg was bleeding badly and it wouldn’t stop, Jackson pulled his shirt off and pressed it on to her leg, it didn’t stop, but it slowed down. “We have to go back.” He said, tying the shirt around her wound.

“No!” Amelia screamed “No I can do it, I can walk, I really want to keep going”

“Ok, are you sure?” Jackson asked, concerned. She nodded her head and got up, she started walking, but at a much slower pace than before.

“I don’t even know what cut me,” Amelia wondered out loud

“Probably just a branch or something. A rock maybe.” Jackson concluded

“Yea..” Amelia said in a distant voice, she was thinking about the monster, with its 2 foot long claws. She shivered with the thought; Jackson looked at her and put his arm around her.

They walked for about an hour until the trees started to thin out, the sun was peeking through the leaves and making it a little brighter. Soon they came to a lake, Amelia wondered if the lake is real what else is?

“let’s go swimming!” Amelia yelled, running to the edge of the lake and taking her shirt off.

“Amelia! Stop, you don’t know what’s in there!”  Jackson yelled to her.

“yeah, I guess,” Amelia said, backing up a little. Jackson took off his backpack and got 2 sandwiches out and a bag of potato chips, he took a handful of chips out and tossed them into the water in different places, if there was anything living in the lake it would come up to eat the food, or at least inspect what had been dropped into its home. Nothing came up, they could see a few fishes swimming around by the edge but they looked harmless. Jackson poked around with a stick for a while and then decided that it was safe, but he was going to get in first. He slid in on the mud of the bank and swam around for a few minutes, then called Amelia in.

“ow! Owowowowowow! This really stings on the cut on my leg! What is in here? I guess its just like bacteria,” Amelia said as she slid into the lake. She ignored the stinging and swam over to Jackson, after a little while the stinging stopped. They played around in the lake for about half an hour and then got out to eat their sandwiches.

“how’s your cut?” Jackson asked with his mouth full of sandwich.

“umm…” Amelia shifted to get a better look at the cut on her calf, “Oh my Gosh…”

“What? Is it bad? What happened?” Jackson asked, worried.

“It..It’s…it’s gone!” Amelia said in disbelief.

“No it isn’t” Jackson said, “Is it on the other leg?”

“No, it was definitely on this leg, and now it’s not...”  Amelia said, holding he leg out for Jackson to see. “It doesn’t even hurt...” she said running a finger over the skin where the cut wasn’t anymore. She felt weak, like she couldn’t move.

“That’s incredible!” Jackson said, almost inaudible.

Suddenly Amelia’s phone rang, she picked it up.


“Amelia? Oh I am so glad that you picked up, my son decided it wasn’t a good idea to bring his cell phone to a part of the woods where he has never been before. Great idea Jackson!” his mother said, yelling the last part loud enough for him to hear. Amelia laughed.

“Yes Mrs. M, he isn’t the smartest is he?” Amelia asked, laughing.

“No, he isn’t” she replied. “Anyway, thank you for making the kids dinner; they said that they had macaroni and cheese?” Mrs. Monroe asked, but started to babble more about the kids before Amelia could answer,  and then said “ok well I just wanted to check up on you kids, oh by the way be careful, I heard there was something really funny about that lake, but I don’t remember what it was,” she paused for a moment, trying to recall, “oh well, anyways you kids have fun, and tell me if you catch any monsters” she hung up with a chuckle and Amelia pressed the off button.

“Well then,” Amelia said looking down at her phone; she was tired from just talking to that woman.

“She really can talk your ear off; sometimes I think that she just calls people because she wants to talk, not necessarily to that person, but just to talk.”  Jackson said with a smile. “Are you ready to go?” he asked, Amelia nodded.

“But I don’t want to walk, I’m just so sleepy…” she said, yawning.

“Ok, well you just sit there while I pack up our things.” Jackson said, getting up.

“Ok...” Amelia said faintly, like she hadn’t even heard him. She couldn’t keep her eyes open, but she didn’t want to sleep, her body went numb and limp. A strand of hair fell into her face as she fell backwards and she couldn’t lift her hand to push it out of her face, she couldn’t think straight, and then it was all gone and she was in a dream

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