Silent Changes

16 year old Amelia moves from Washington to Virginia, away from her boyfriend of 3 years, away from all her friends, away from the place where she grew up. after a few weeks of being in Virginia she starts experiencing some odd symptoms, such as memory loss, change in hair color, change in eye color, and some other pretty weird stuff. she has to solve the mystery before anything worse happens


2. Junk Food Picnic


CHAPTER 2: Junk Food Picnic

“I’m making a list” Amelia said as they were driving down the road Amelia’s mom had given her one-hundred dollars, a sorry-I’m-dragging-you-across-the-country-away-from-everything-you-love-against-your-will-tomorrow gift,  at least there’s one good thing about moving. Jackson got forty dollars and he already had twenty, so all together they had $160, plenty of money for junk food.

“A list of what?” Jackson said, looking over at her paper.

“Eyes on the road!” Amelia yelled, clutching the notebook to her chest so Jackson couldn’t see “a list of junk food we need to get.”

“We need a list?” he asked.

“Of course, you can’t just walk into a gas station store without a list.” Amelia explained, although she knew Jackson would never understand.

“but that’s what a gas station store is for, so you can run in, look around, grab what you want, and get back on the road, you don’t need a list, that defeats the purpose.” Jackson argued.

                “I refuse to argue about gas station stores.” Amelia said, putting an end to the silly argument, “now what should I put on the list”

                “I’m not following a list; that defeats the purpose” Jackson said, stubbornly.

                “Definitely some brownies, we have to have brownies, and cookies, what kind of cookies do you want?” Amelia continued, Jackson didn’t respond. “Chocolate chip? Ok, we will get some chocolate chip, I like peanut butter cookies and snicker doodles, we will get some of those too”

                “What about those fluffy cookies with the colorful icing and sprinkles?” Jackson submitted, he couldn’t let her forget his favorite kind of cookies. He glanced over to see Amelia writing fluffy cookies (hehe I won) on her notebook “you did not; I’m still against the idea”

                “I don’t care, you still lost. Loser.” Amelia gloated, Jackson knew he would never live this down, but it’s worth it, for the fluffy cookies. “ok, now what else?” and that’s pretty much how the car ride went, Amelia writing and Jackson listing off junk food that they had to get, Amelia gloating, Jackson sulking. After they stopped at the gas station Amelia packed the picnic basket that she had brought, then she fell asleep on Jackson’s shoulder.

                Twenty minutes later she was awakened by the radio and off key singing; she reached up and smacked Jackson on the forehead even though she was giggling. The car stopped “we’re at the beach” Jackson announced as he got the basket out of the back seat and opened the door. Amelia sat up and yawned, then got out of the car; she ran to the water and sat down on the sand so that the water was just reaching her feet. She patted the spot next to her, telling Jackson to sit down; he lay down on his back, and pulled her on top of him. They kissed for a while, until the tide got higher and they were both wet from the waist down.

                “I really want one of those fluffy cookies.” Jackson said, getting up and walking over to the basket. He pulled out a big blanket and spread it out on the sand, then laid out all the junk food. Amelia took inventory in her head;

                2 boxes of fluffy cookies, one pink, one blue, both with rainbow sprinkles

                One pack of mega stuffed Oreos

                A box of snicker doodles

                A box of chocolate chip cookies

                A box of peanut butter cookies

                Plain potato chips

                Sour cream and onion potato chips

                Barbecue potato chips

                Doritos (nacho flavor and cool ranch flavor)

                Pretzel sticks

                Cheese puffs

                Marshmallows (the mega size)

                3 bags of chocolate chips

                Hershey kisses (almost better than real kisses)

                Bag of snickers

                Bag of butterfingers

                Lots of 12 packs of Resees

                Bag of three musketeers

                Bag of rolos

                Bag of skittles

                Bag of jolly rancher chews

                Bag of M&M’s

                Bag of sweet tarts, laffy taffy, nerds, and spree mixture

                Lots of fun dips

                Oatmeal cream pies


                Swiss cake rolls

                 Cosmic brownies

                Those little chocolate, cream filled, cupcakes with the little swirly line of frosting on them

                Nutty  buddy bars

                A small cake with cream cheese frosting

And so the list was complete, and their feast was set and for the next two hours they snacked and talked and laughed and kissed.

                After a while they headed home to Jackson’s house “you spending the night?” Jackson asked

                “Yea, on our last night together how could I not?” Amelia said sadly

                “You don’t want to spend it with Chyanne or Aydrean?” Jackson asked, hoping she would say no that she would rather spend the night with him than her two best friends.

                “no, I had a sleep over with them two days ago, although they spent half the night crying that they were going to miss me and why did my dad have to get a new job? “Amelia answered, although not what Jackson had hoped.

                “Wow, girls.” He said sarcastically.

                “So what are we doing tonight?” Amelia asked, ignoring the comment.

                “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” Jackson asked as he pulled into the driveway

                “I want to go on another hike in the woods” Amelia told him “but I finally want to explore the left road that we never go down, we have time, it’s only 3:24 PM.”

                “Ok, I’m in” Jackson said. They got out of the car and headed inside “mom?” Jackson called “hey mom Amelia and I are going hiking!” they waited for a response. Nothing.  “Hey mom?” Jackson called. Still nothing. They walked inside and found a typed note on the counter.

                Jackson, Jacob, Jasper, Jolie and Joy, (and Amelia)

I went to a meeting for that group I’m in (you don’t care so I’m not even going to bother writing it out) I will probably be back by 10:00, no later than 11:00. Eat whatever you want, Jackson is in charge when he gets home, until then, Jasper is in charge (no he did not do it last time Jacob) Bed whenever. I have to go, see you later.  Love you all. XOXOXO. Mom.

          Jackson read the note out loud to Amelia, then called the kids into the kitchen for a ‘Monroe meeting’ as their parents called it. “Ok, are we all here?” Jackson counted five heads and nodded “ok, are you all aware of where mom is?” five heads nodded “ok, who’s hungry?” four hands shot up “ok, food suggestions?”

                “Macaroni and cheese!” Joy piped up

                “Hamburgers” Jasper offered

                “Leftovers from Jackson and Amelia’s junk food picnic” Jolie said with a mischievous look on her face. The others nodded enthusiastically in agreement, Jackson looked at Amelia, and she just shrugged and nodded toward the kitchen.

                “Uh, we’ll be right back” Jackson told the kids as he and Amelia met in the kitchen “you think we should?” he asked her

                “Well if your mom puts you in charge then it’s up to you what they eat right? And the sooner they eat the sooner we can hike right?” Amelia justified feeding the kids junk food. Jackson agreed and they went into the living room “ok, here’s the deal” Amelia announced, “you can have the junk food picnic, but if your mom asks you ate macaroni and cheese and then took the garbage out, she will be happy that you took the trash out and will have no clue that you never had a substantial lunch. Jackson and I are leaving now, have fun and don’t make yourselves sick. Amelia said, placing the basket on the coffee table. She turned to Jackson, “should we wear bathing suits? I mean, what if there is a creek or something down there?”

                “Yeah, your bathing suit is in the laundry room, you should probably take that and all your other stuff with you when you leave,” Jackson said sadly.

                “Awwee, no I want you to keep it here, I will come up and visit you,” Amelia said, wrapping Jackson in a hug. “Now go get your bathing suit on.” She sent him on his way and went to get the bathing suit that she kept there.

                “READY!” Jackson called from his bedroom after a few minutes, Amelia was done a few minutes later and they headed into the woods.

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