Silent Changes

16 year old Amelia moves from Washington to Virginia, away from her boyfriend of 3 years, away from all her friends, away from the place where she grew up. after a few weeks of being in Virginia she starts experiencing some odd symptoms, such as memory loss, change in hair color, change in eye color, and some other pretty weird stuff. she has to solve the mystery before anything worse happens


1. A Date with Jackson


Chapter one: a Date With Jackson

Since Amelia was six she had been reading mysteries. She found it odd how Nancy Drew always had a mystery to solve, yet she couldn’t find a single one. In fact she usually got herself in trouble while trying to find a mystery.  Once, when she was 9, she fell through the ceiling into a school board meeting while trying to figure out why Mrs. McBride wasn’t teaching at her school anymore. The only things she did manage to find out were 1. How flimsy the schools air ducts were.  2. How long you get suspended for eavesdropping on a school board meeting, and 3. They don’t talk about that type of thing in school board meetings.  And one time she was trying to find out where the mayor had gone on vacation because her parents were wondering. She had this elaborate plan of how to get into the town hall meeting, and was caught crossing the lawn and taken to the police station for questioning. She sat in a jail cell for an hour waiting for her parents to pick her up.

                However, some good has come out of her snooping around; she encountered her first boyfriend while investigating the creaking in the attic of the hotel where she worked at the time. Fortunately, Jackson Monroe was snooping around as well when they ran into each other, literally. As she was just poking her head into the attic he was just leaving and, while trying not to run in to Amelia, he fell down the latter, which caused him to break his arm. This story however ends much better than it started, a relationship lasting 3 years, until the day that Amelia had to move.

                “Amelia? Sweetie? We need to get going,” Amelia’s mom called from the bottom of the steps. Amelia, however, wasn’t hearing a word of it, she was absorbed into her newest book, ‘Silver Flash, Red Flow’ a murder by her favorite author, who isn’t very good at naming her Novels, but is excellent at writing them. “Amelia! Amelia don’t make me come up there!” her mom nagged again. Amelia sighed, but put down the book.

                “Awe come on mom! It was just getting to the good part!” Amelia complained, running down the steps.

                “With you, it’s always a good part.” Her mom replied “we have to get going if you want to see Jackson again” Amelia’s eyes lit up at the mention of his name. “I knew that would get you, go get dressed.” Amelia ran up the steps and threw on some good clothes.

                “Ready! What are we doing?” she shut the door of the car, ready to go.

                “Well, I thought I would give you some money to go to the mall, and then a movie and then one last dinner at that fancy restaurant you and Jackie like?” Mom said as she got in the car and turned the key”

                “Oh, my gosh mom how many times do I have to tell you! It’s Jackson. Not jack, not john, not Jackie. Call him by his name; you know that bothers him and me.” Amelia says, rolling her eyes “But yea, mom, that sounds great”

“Great honey, remember we are leaving at eight o’clock tomorrow, if you decide to spend the night, be back by then.”  Her mom says, for the billionth time.

“Yes mother, I know when we are leaving”  Amelia replies in monotone for the billionth time. “But if I’m not home by eight can I stay here and not move?”

“No, if you’re not home by eight your father and I are going to Jackson’s house in our pajama’s and sing you awake, then we are going to make Jackson aware of all the stories we have of you sleeping.”

“I’ll be home by eight” Amelia says, mildly terrified. They pull into the driveway of Jackson’s house, his parents are out on the porch, and as soon as Amelia is on the porch Mrs. Monroe envelops her in a hug.

“Oh Amie, we are going to miss you sooooo much!” she coos, Amelia hated it when his mom called her Amie. Mrs. Monroe pulls away holding Amelia at arm’s length “but I’m sure Jackson wants to see you, he’s in his room, go on up” she pushed Amelia toward the door and starts talking to her mom. Amelia walks to Jackson’s room, and path she knows so well, wedding pictures on the wall in the living room, baby pictures of Jackson and his four siblings, Jolie, Jacob, Jasper, and Joy, as you get to the hallway of bedrooms. Joy, the youngest, who was only seven, poked her head out of the room she shared with her sister Jolie, who was twelve.

“Jackson! Your Giiirfrieend is her to seeeee youuuu!!” she called, giggling, and then she ran to give Amelia a hug. Not long after Amelia was under attack, orange darts flying at her from all directions, Jolie, Jacob and Jasper were stationed on the steps all around. Suddenly she was tackled to the ground and was being tickled to death. She fought with all her might but soon four pairs of hands were holding her down, he was completely defenseless. She had no choice but to surrender.

“Okay, okay!” she yelled breathlessly “stop it! I surrender! I give up! You win!” she squealed

“You always do! I always win!” Jackson grinned, he leaned down and kissed her, which of course received a chorus of ‘eww’s and caused the children to scatter

“The only reason  that you always win is because you have four minions to help you” Amelia complained in between kisses

“Maybe” Jackson countered, then he stopped to think “I guess you should get some minions of your own then” then he got up and started walking to his room, Amelia followed. The good thing about being the oldest of five is that you get a room all to yourself, Jacob and Jasper, who were twins, had to share a room, but Jackson got his all his own, which came in handy when Amelia came over, no pesky brothers to ruin the fun. This might give the impression that they have done things before, but Amelia is still as pure as snow.

                When they get to Jackson’s room at the end of the hall Amelia closes the door. “Did your mom tell you what they have planned for us today?” Amelia asked, looking out the window to make sure her mom was still there.

                “No, what surprises do we get to encounter today?” Jackson said, pulling Amelia onto the bed next to him.

                “Nothing too surprising, mall,movie,dinner “ we don’t have to though, we can do something more exciting.” She turned on her side, so that she was facing him, he was still on his back.

                “Do you want to go to the beach? It’s not too far away, and there usually isn’t anyone there around this time” Jackson suggested.

                “That would be nice, can we pack a junk food picnic?” Amelia loved junk food picnics, they would go to the little gas station down the road and get tons of food, chips, cakes, brownies, cookies, candy, and anything else they wanted.

                “That sounds amazing, is your mom giving you money for the mall?” Jackson asked, now imagining all sorts of desserts.

                “Yeah, you?” Amelia asked

                “Yeah, that should buy plenty of desserts and junk foods, are you ready?” Jackson said, climbing off the bed.

                “Yeah, can’t wait” Amelia said

                “Okay, I gotta get out of these clothes though, wait there. He pulled off his shirt, revealing his six pack. Amelia sighed at the sight of it, she would never get over Jackson’s stunning body. Jackson chuckled when he heard her sigh, causing Amelia to turn bright pink with embarrassment. “you like what you see huh?’ he remarked, sarcastically

                “That doesn’t deserve a response” Amelia responded teasingly.

                “Awe, sure it does” Jackson said as he pulled on a shirt and began to change his pants

                “nope.” Amelia said as she hopped off his bed and walked out the door “it doesn’t deserve me to close the door either,” she said with a giggle.

                “Oh come on!” Jackson yelled, struggling to walk-or rather hop-and put on jeans at the same time.

                When he got outside he saw Amelia already in his car, “I’m ready when you are!” she called.

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