Across The Hall (Sequel to Girl Across The Street)

Veronica now lived in a very nice apartments building where some of the richest and most famous people lived. She now had the money too afford it after her singing career launched and is dong well. While on break from touring she moved in to the luxuriate apartments in south London what she didn't know what that One Direction lived there aswell, especially not knowing that the love of her life who she ran away from was now living there to. It was time to come face to face with Harry Styles.


6. Whats in that box?

Harry's POV

I am so nevrvous about tonight. I have had the perfect opportunities to as her for about a mont, even though the tour has started. God why can't i do it, i love her no doubt in that, i want to marry her, but i just keep think she'll say no. What do i do? this can't go on forever. I might lose the women of my dreams again. This ring is just perfect for her, i hope she likes it. I think i am going to do it later on after the concert or better yet I'll walk on before her lat song and do it then it'll be perfect, infront of everyone so she can see i am not embarrassed to be in love with her and so everyone can see how much i love her



*Knock Knock*

Somebody was at my dressing room door. I went over to open it when it swung open. "Taylor what the hell are you doing here." " Coming to get you back!" "Never going to happen,thus isn't Birger King you can't have it your way and  there is another girl, one that i shouldn't have let go along time ago." "That bitch Caroline!" "No, not her and she isn't a bitch, she's my friend now and no its somebody i used to date in highschool, and get out, now before i call security!" "aw true love proveils don't worry though i'll be back." and with her little threat she left, all i was worried about was what she might do to Veronica. I wouldn't be able to live without her again.


sorry this chapter is so short i have been having a bit of writers block. Im going to be updating as much as i can this week school starts on the 3 for me so i don't know if i can update maybe every Friday if i can.  This is what the ring looks like 


-Veronica xx


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