Across The Hall (Sequel to Girl Across The Street)

Veronica now lived in a very nice apartments building where some of the richest and most famous people lived. She now had the money too afford it after her singing career launched and is dong well. While on break from touring she moved in to the luxuriate apartments in south London what she didn't know what that One Direction lived there aswell, especially not knowing that the love of her life who she ran away from was now living there to. It was time to come face to face with Harry Styles.


5. Secrets and wedding things

We were in a maternity store for Eleanor and Perrie. Me and Daniella had bought loads of stuff at TopShop, H&M, GAP, American Eagle and ALDO,and a bunch of other stores, our arm were loaded with bags. "So what do you think of these.?"  Perrie asked holding a pair of shorts. "There so nice, i like them." Eleanor replied she wasn't buying much since she had maternity clothe already that was still in style. She got a pair of overalls, dress pants, and a silky maxi dress, and some t-shirts. Perrie bought some shorts, pants, shirts, and 4 dresses. " I hope these fit me for awhile." she stated "Oh Honey you dont even know how fast that tummy is going to grow in the next months." "Its good that were are only touring the UK since you two are preggers." i joked and Eleanor agreeed along with Perrie. We were being to walk out of the mall, when Daniella stopped to look at a wedding dress it was a fit and flare pinina tornai , with a flower rushinf on the right side.

"Love it, its perfect." she stated . "yea it is why don't we go in and you can try it." "Okay" she said a bit over whelmed .



After she tried the dress and looked in the mirror tears filled her eyes and she fell in love with imediatley and bought it. she called Liam and told him she bought a  dress and you could here his excitement through the phone. We made our way to the car after they talked about alterations and a price and when she should come try it next and other stuff like that. we made it to the car and as soon as Willy fast in his chair he instantly fell asleep. On the way home we basically talked about ow the tour was going to go, about the shows and where and when they were. "So Dani, have you picked colours yet." i asked her "Um i was thinking blue but Liam is set on purple." "Those colours go together so you can do both, like you can do a royal blue with a light lavender or even a dark purple." " Sounds good but wht about dresses they have to be the same color." "Yes they do but you can do a purpple dress with a blue belt or vice versa blue dress purple belt." "You really know this stuff don't you?"  "Ya when i was bored on the bus i would watch wedding shows, and styling stuff so i have a pretty good idea of what looks good and how to do it and make it better haha." I said and she gave me a reassuring smile "then i can count on you to help me right." "Ya no problem." we both smiled and i started playing with he radio again. My new song called Synchronize  started playing. 


We arrived and i carried Willy in for Eleanor and i left  my stuff in the car, so after I placed him in his bed in hers and Louis flat. I headed back down to the car to grab my stuff. After i got everything I locked the car door when I saw Harry with a man in suit. I stood behind the car closest to them so i could hear " So here you have it." he handed harry a black velvet box "Thanks Mate here is your money. I just hope she likes it." "That won't be the reason she'll say yes thou lad." "I know, i'll see you around." "Yea sounds good okay bye Harry." " Bye John and thanks again." john walked away as Harry started to walk into the lobby i hit the lock buutton to make it as if i had just gotten the stuff. I entered and he saw me struggling with the bags shoved the box in his pocket and rushed over and grabbed the bags from me. "Thanks you didn't have to, i was fine. " "Sure you were, thats why you almost fell and dropped everything." he kissed my cheek we walked into the lift. "I have to go give El's keys back but here is mine, can you put the stuff in my room on the floor is fine." "Okay." He smiled as he walked out of the lift i still had three floors to go to get to her flat. I knocked on her door and she opened it quickly. "Hey" she greeted me "Here you go miss, omg E you'll never believe what i just heard." "Come in, Louis just left and should be out so you can spill everything" i walked over to the couch as she shut the door and then joined me "So, when i went to go grab my bags as i was walking back i saw harry and a guy in suit named john, i decided to hide behind the closest car, so i could hear. John handed harry a box and then Harry payed him. Harry said "I hope she likes it" and then the guy replied "That won't be the reason she'll say yes." I am so confused" i sighed loudly and she looked down as if she already knew something. "I don'know what to tell you babe." she looked at her lap and giggled to herself " Do you know something i don't?" "Maybe but i promised Louis i wouldn't tell you, you're just going to wait." "Wait for what I hate waiting." 

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