Across The Hall (Sequel to Girl Across The Street)

Veronica now lived in a very nice apartments building where some of the richest and most famous people lived. She now had the money too afford it after her singing career launched and is dong well. While on break from touring she moved in to the luxuriate apartments in south London what she didn't know what that One Direction lived there aswell, especially not knowing that the love of her life who she ran away from was now living there to. It was time to come face to face with Harry Styles.


4. Meeting

Veronica POV


"I have to go into modest today" i told Harry "I completely forgot i have a meeting about picking someone to tour with on the second part of the tour uhh, " "Don't stress babe, its easy they make you listen to like two songs and watch some videos about your options and you pick your favourite one." "I know but i wanted to stay here with you and get caught up with you-' he cut me off and pulled me close by my waist he cupped my chin " Hey don't worry I'll make it up, besides im taking you on a date tonight, its a surprise but just wear a dress or something." "Okay, i have to go get ready. Bye"  I quickly kissed his cheek and made my way to my apartment.



I had just finished showering and needed to pick out clothes. I put a strapless black bra on with matching underware and wore a strapless belly shirt, it hung just above my belly button. I put on neon pink mid waisted short shorts and black Toms. I did simple eyeliner and some mascara, with some clear lipgloss grabbed my pure and was out the door. 

It wasn't far from my apartment so i walked. It was already 12:30 I had to be there at 12:40 it was a 20 minute walk so a jogged until i got to the corner of the block the building was on. I walked the rest of the way to cool off.

"Hey sorry i'm late Simon." he smiled and gestured me to come into his office. " so who are my options for the tour" "You don't really have an option more like a yes or no to one group." "Okay who is that group" "One Direction, now i know you and Harry have a past but doesn't mean you say no to them. "Me and Harry are i guess together again, so that won't be  a problem saying yes they are very talented and i'd love to work with them." "Great, boys come in" he used his phone to call them in. Harry was smiling about this and he winked at me as he came in the room "Hey" they boys all said in union causing me to giggle, " what no "Hi we're One Direction" " I joked "You know who we are so why bother." Liam said sarcastically "I know I just thought you'd do it since you always do it haha but your right i do know who you are very well." "Great its good that you all get on well, so i pulled some strings and so all of you could be on a bus together, i got the old Spice Girls tour bus, its massive and big enough that if you want boys you can bring your girlfriends aswell" "Awesome" liam "Great" louis "Sounds Perfect" zayn  "um, Okay when do i , i mean we start up again" I asked Simon "In about a week" "Okay"  everyone replied and left one after the other.





I called Eleanor, Perrie and Daniella over to go shopping, since we are all going on the tour together we might as well  go shopping together. "Hey, El, wheres Willy. " She laughed and pointed down the hall as i saw Danielle and Perrie playing with him. Perrie was making faces while Daniella was running up and dow the hall  chasing him. " Can ! We! Go! Now!" Willy yelled Eleanor's face became stern she walked over to him and knelt down to his height "Hey, hey, lok at mommy you do not yell at all like that ever again." he nodded and hugged her as a way of saying sorry. "Okay i'm with  he kid can we go now? " Perrie asked "Yes we can" I locked the door and we made our way to the lift. "Whose car we taking?" Daniella asked "Mine. Because just to take his car seat takes me forever, unlike Louis who can do it in five minutes, uhh." Eleanor complained and we just laughed at her. and she joined in as she grabbed Willy and carried him to the car buckling him in. We all got in, Perrie and Daniella turn took the back seat one on either side of Willy's chair and i sat in the front with Eleanor. I started playing with  the radio until I found Capital 1 FM. It started playing Best Song Ever.  " So Perrie when is your due date.? and how far along are you? " i asked her " four months and January 12. I hope the baby is either late or early because i doubt Zayn  wants to share his birthday aha." "I don't think he would mind at all to be honest, its his kid, i dont think he would get jealous of attention being on the baby instead of him." i replied and she agreed "I'm pregnant again." Eleanor blurted out "What? How long?" I asked acting shocked "Congrats El." Daniella and Perrie said one after the other . "Omg this is so great El." I said a little to excited and she laughed at me 'shut up you already knew." "Wait you did' Daniella asked " Yeah she came over last night around mid night to introduce me and Willy properly, and she told me then." "Oh" said Perrie "How far along are you "Three months and my due date is February 19, Louis is out of his mind excited for this baby. I hope its a girl, because if its another boy im out numbered." she laughed 

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