11. Why does it matter. She's dead.

It's been a couple hours since I left school and Ashley and Ariana had come over. Ariana and I were sprawled out across my bed while Ashley talked continuously about her boyfriend Tyler and god knows what else.

I sat up and picked up a pillow that rested on my bed and aimed it at her face. God, she needs to stop talking sometimes she just babbles on and doesn't know when to stop. 

"What the hell shay?!" She yelled. "Good. You stopped talking." She rolled her eyes at me. "Do you have any classes with Justin?" "Yeah, why?" She fixed her hair. "Was he acting weird at all?" Concern coated each word that came out of my mouth.

"Kind of. I guess. He was just really jumpy." I looked down, I was concerned because the look Justin had on his face was was unforgettable and how pale he got. It kind of freaked me out.

I haven't seen that look on somebody's face in a long time. Last time I saw that face was when the police told Mrs. VanAcker that they found Kelsey's body.


It's mid day and I'm sitting around my house. I'm supposed to go to the movies tonight with Justin but now I'm kind of unsure of it considering how he was acting yesterday and if he were still up for our plans. 

Should I text him? No. That's weird. It would probably make me seem desperate or something. My door opened and I looked over to see Ryan who was standing in the doorway making his way over to me. Damn. Did he not know how to knock.

"What?" I said rudely. "Don't you know someone who knows how to make fake ID's?" I cocked and eyebrow. What did he need a fake ID for? "Yeah, why?" "Because me and my friends are going to this club in LA and then to this collage party." He said carelessly. "And how the hell are you going to go to a club in LA without mom and dad finding out?!" If he thought he could pull this  off. He's crazy. I have a feeling he's going to get caught but I'm not going to tell him.

"Because your going to keep your mouth shut. And they think I'm staying at Brian's house tonight. Aren't you going to that party tonight too?" He leaded over my bed. "No I'm going out tonight." "With who?" Ryan asked quickly. "Justin." He looked at me with disbelief.

"That freak who just moved into Kelsey's old house? Why?" I rolled my eyes. "He's not a freak. He's my friend and I'm hanging out with him. Why the hell does it matter so much to you?!" I said defensively. How was Justin a "freak" just because he moved into Kelsey's old house? Why do people act like they care who moved into that house anyways. Kelsey's dead. Just like they all wanted. So why does it matter? The people who are acting like the "cared" so much about Kelsey were the ones who hated the girl most. 

Yes, I know that was harsh but it's the truth. People keep acting like they miss her so much but know damn well they hate her and probably cheered when she was found dead.

"Whoa! Don't go all defensive on me." He put his hands up in the air in defense. "Then don't call him a freak when you don't even know him." I scolded while going rough my twitter timeline. 

"Damn Shay. Why are you defending him?" His eyes wide in surprise. "What is he? Your boyfriend?" I'm really getting tired of my brother right now he's always questioning what I do. "No. He's my friend." 

"Whatever. Just give me the number so I can get the ID's. I gave him the number and he left. Finally. A text came on my screen. It was Justin and stared at the screen smiling to my self.  

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