4. "Who's next?"

Who the hell was 'X'? Was this some type if sick joke? Even if it was, it wasn't funny. This is creeping me out. "Shay?" My head snapped up. Justin was gazing at me with concerned eyes "huh?" I spoke trying to ignore what had just come through to my phone. "You okay?" His eyebrows rising and he laid a gentle hand on my upper arm. "Umm y-yeah I'm fine" I studdered over my words. He knew I wasn't fine but he nodded anyway. I looked at my phone again and I had another text. My heart skipped a beat nervously. i unlocked my phone again,thank God it was just Ashley. I relaxed a little and opened the text.

* who is this?* and it was attached with a screenshot of a text message.

That was the same text that I had gotten. If Ashley and I got the text, did that mean Caitlin and Ariana got the text too? I shouldn't be freaking out over this. It's could just be someone playing a stupid joke. But in the world we live in now, you may never know. The bell had rung and I walked out of class and someone tapped my shoulder. It was Justin again. "Hey" he said as if we didn't see each other just seconds ago. "Hey?" "Can I ask you something?" He slips his hands into his pockets. "Yeah, what is it?" "Do you have any idea why everyone is like freaked out by me or something? Everyone I try to talk to acts like I have a disease. I didn't think being the new kid would be this weird." He stated obliviously. " we'll I'm guessing its because  you moved into Kelsey's old house. She was murdered 2 years back.  But I don't know why people are being so distant. Not everybody is so welcoming here." He nodded, understanding what I was telling him. "Oh" he smiled before turning away, his smile was perfect. I smiled back and started walking. Caitlin, Ariana and Ashley were standing by my locker grinning at me. What's them? "What?" I asked as I approached them. "Talking to the new guy we see" Caitlin cooed. "Yes, the new guy has a name. It's Justin." I told them factitiously while shoving my books in my locker. "Oh. He's cute. Do you like him?" Ariana blurted out. "What?! No! I just met him like 2 hours ago. Calm down." They laughed. They always did that,  every time I talked to a guy they asked if either
(A) did I like him 
(B) was he my boyfriend.
 It got really annoying at times."but I need to ask you guys something." I closed my locker and said "did any of you get a text from someone named X?" They nodded. "It's probably someone joking around" caitlin said nonchalantly. Maybe she's right. All of our phones went off at once. In unison we took the out looking at the screen. 

*The bitch is dead. Who's next? -X*

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