10. What's wrong?

It was my last class of the day; trigonometry. I was in the middle of doing my test when I started to think about Justin. He had been acting weird all day I don't know what's up with him. I tried asking him but he seemed really jumpy and paranoid. Then he would just tell me he was fine. I finally finished the last question on my test and pulled out my phone but made sure my teacher wouldn't notice. She had a strict rule about not using phones in her class. 
-text conversation-
Shay: hey, I know your not okay. What's wrong? 
Justin: there's nothing wrong with me. I promise, I'm fine. I'm just tired that's all.
-end of text-

Seriously? C'mon everyone uses that excuse when something is wrong "I'm just tired." Only to avoid further questioning about what's really going on. Believe me. I've used that graze plenty of times for it to be my trademark. But the look on his face this morning when he was looking at his phone  was unforgettable. That just let me know something was wrong. But I guess I'll never know because he won't tell me.

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