9. What's up with him?

-Next morning-

I finished getting ready for school and I check my phone that has been sitting untouched by the wooden bedside table. There was a text that appeared on the screen from Justin and I smiled to myself.

* Good morning beautiful 😍*

He's really sweet. I don't like him though, I swear. I quickly went downstairs and said goodbye to my parents and told them that I was see them at 6:45 because that's the time I get off work Today. I didn't feel like going to work today but I need to if I want my money. Once I got to school I went to my AP English class when I walked in the door and bumped into someone. Damn it. It was Janel. Jason McCains rumored girlfriend. No one knows if they're dating sure, but I couldn't care less. "Watch where you're going bitch." Venom spilling from her words. "Maybe if you weren't texting And walking It wouldn't have happened." I shot back not bothering to turn back around. I don't get how Ashley is friends with her. I sat down at my desk and justin looked over at me chuckling. "What?"  I asked oblivious to the fact of why he was laughing. "Nothing." I rolled my eyes playfully before turning around. I started drawing random doodles. On my folder While Zoning out from the world ahead me. "Shay!" Mr. Dawson Spoke strictly. I flinched at his sudden words. "What?" "You need to pay attention!" I sighed. I'm pretty sure Mr. Dawson hates me. Even though he has no reason to, I think he hates the world to be honest. I looked over at Justin randomly. His face was completely drained of color. His mouth hung ajar as he looked at the screen of  his iPhone. What's With him?

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