3. The text

After class I went to my locker "hey!" Caitlin greeted as I closed the door on my locker then  Ashley and Ariana came along. "Guess who's back in town?" Ariana questioned waiting for a answer. "Mrs. VanAcker" that's was Kelsey mom. We all had surprised looks on our faces, no one expected  to see her around here any time soon especially with ever the that's happened. 
"Because the think they've found a new suspect in her murder case. They think it's Jason... McCain."
Of course. Jason McCain. He was Ridgecrest's bad boy. I've heard a lot about him more bad then good things. But I don't know how much of what I was told is actually true, but he was feared by many. "Speaking of the devil." Ashley said glancing over my shoulder. I turned around seeing Jason walking down the hall wearing his leather jacked skinny jeans and heavy black boots. That was like his uniform of something. He literally wears that daily. Everybody in the hall fell silent as he padded down the hall and when the bell rang everyone quickly scrabbled off to their classes. I have Chemistry next, that my best class. I walked in sitting at my tablet had the table to my self. I didn't have a Chemistry partner. Considering there weren't enough people on the class. But that's completely fine with me. Mr. Andrews, the chemistry teacher continued his lesson he started yesterday. My mind wonder off. Why was Jason McCain a suspect in Kelsey's murder? Would he even have a reason to to kill her? Well everyone pretty much wanted her dead as much as the next person. She had many personalities. But being a bitch came to her naturally. But Jason seemed to easy of a target to pin a murder case on. "Earth to Shay!" Mr. Andrews called out, I shook my head snapping out of my thoughts. "What?" I asked caught off guard. "Good, your back. You've got a chem. partner now. Justin you can sit next to Shay back there." Mr. Andrews ordered. Justin sat next to me "so we meet again" he joked. "Yep" I never really noticed how attractive Justin was until now. He was really cute. "You should take a picture, it'll last longer" he chuckled at the end of the sentence. He noticed that I was staring at him. I joined in on the laugh. My iPhone started going off. I got a text. 
* she knew too much. That's why she was killed. -X *

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