12. Movie date

-text conversation-
Justin: hey Shay, we still going to the movies tonight?
Shay: yeah, what movie are we seeing? 
Justin: the conjuring 😁 lmao I'll pick you up at nine😉
Shay: okay, sounds good. See you then

I loved scary movies but I wasn't to fond on seeing The Conjuring. I heard from Ashley that the movie was terrifying and Ashley is impossible to scare so if she got scared then I know that I won't be sleeping peacefully tonight. It was 7 o'clock so I decided to get in the shower for the second time today. I washed my body and hair when I stepped I quickly dried myself off and let my now damp hair fall down my back and air drying creating Its natural wave. i put on some jeans, a tank and my leather jacket. I wanted to keep it simple but cute I mean we're only going to the movies. I'm not going to lie, I'm excited to go to the movies tonight with him.

I heard a knock at the door of our house and I smiled knowing it was Justin. I got my phone slipping it into my back pocket. I walked out my room and down the hall before before being stopped midway by my brother, Ryan. I looked up rolling my eyes at the sight of him.

"What do you want Ryan?" I cocked my head to the side waiting for him to answer. "Where are you going?" "I already told you. I'm going out somewhere with Justin." I said for the second time. "Oh yeah. That freak kid." He pointed at me. He only said that to piss me off. Ryan is such an ass sometimes. He knows how to irritate the hell out of me, but that's what brothers do, right? I jogged down the stair case making my way to the door.

I opened the door and saw Justin's award winning smile his hands tucked into the pockets of his jeans. "Hey Shay" he mumbled nervously. "Hey" he looked at me for a while. Silence filling the air before I finally broke the silence. "So you ready to go?" I rocked back and forth on my feet. 

"On. Yeah. Sorry." I giggled and closed the door behind me. Justin placed his hand on my lower back as he led me to his car parked out front. Damn, his car was nice he had a frisker.

He opened the door on the  passengers side for me "thank you" I smiled settling my self inside. He was a gentleman. I like guys like that, you know the ones who actually know how to treat a girl right. He got in and drove off. I looked over at him admiring his perfect features. Then thinking about how absolutely terrified he looked in class yesterday. The look on his face was something I'd never forget. I wanted to ask him what had happened and why he was acting so strange yesterday but thought it would be best if I kept my mouth shut for the time being. 

"You okay?" He turned his head looking at me. "Uh yeah." I looked away and out the window watching various houses and building quickly go by. "You seem to zone out a lot." He stated as if it was completely obvious. "Yeah, I've been doing a lot of zoning out lately." I told him." "Really? Why? Do you want to talk about it?

I shook my head "not yet." I never open up to people. I keep everything to myself I find it to be easier that way. But I've always been that way.  

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