5. "I just wanted to talk to you again"

My mouth hung agape. What the hell was this? That's the real question. Something was telling me this wasn't a joke. But you never really know. "Did y-you guys get this?" Caitlin stuttered over her words as she turned phone around showing the same text that I had just gotten. We all nodded. "Who is this?" I asked, that was a stupid question. Of course they didn't know. "I don't know." "You know what, lets just forget about it, okay? It's a stupid joke." How many times is she going to say that? But Ashley sounded kind of angry when she said that. But maybe she's right. It could be a joke. 
*6:45 pm*

I was at work, I work at the local Starbucks. I still couldn't get the damn text off my mind. Those words stuck in my head "the bitch is dead, who's next?" The played over and over in my mind. I couldn't let it go. Something about it just seemed to real to be a joke. I know people could be spiteful. But I don't think someone could be that low and vile to send a text to the people who where closest to her. My thoughts have been really time consuming lately. I just wanted to know this X person was or is?  What kind of person signs a text as X? A cereal killer? "Hey! It's you again!" I looked up. "Haha hey, Justin. I'm really starting to think your following around me now." I laughed. "Oh really? Well I follow all gorgeous girls around" he smiled and I could help but to blush. "So what do you really want?" I giggled as I asked.  " can I get a.... Caramel Frappuccino?" He questioned his eyes scanning the menu plastered on the wall before him. I made his drink and he gave me the money for it. Before he walked off he said. "And just so you know. I didn't need the drink. I just wanted a reason to talk to you again."


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